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Friday, 20 July 2012

Grow Taller 4 Idiots Program Review 2012-13


Are you learning to grow, and physical exercises with mental, Derain implementation costs not a lot of time.

First east to note that POSITIVE contribute to an increase in growth, de complete diet, special exercises, well as the appropriate attitude. The now stimulate the growth of sports, playing basketball, volleyball, As well as various thermal processes unfavorable fishing Sindh Severe mental and physical stress. Smoking and alcohol should be completely deleted Verdun!

Your daily diet mess adequate, appropriate age the background rate of the protein, fat, carbohydrates and vitamins. This small tag of 3-4 is recommended, significant raw fruits and vegetables. The now stimulate the growth of crops. Of these, preference should be a large number of black bread and porridge given Verdun.

It should be noted that the complete complex of physical exercises only people with a good physical education Verdun. The rest IS the load should be increased slowly Verdun. But note that the load on small to east profitable. You have to grow up sometime Verdun will be meet the desired outcome of physical activity to achieve four categories measured: instead of not less fishing three days per week, duration of employment may not Less fishing 35-40 minutes should be involved in the crystal work of at least 2/3 sizes of muscle groups zet - body should, studies performed with age-appropriate intensity of Verdun.

IS the intensity criterion heart rate (HR) or. with other words, the pulse. You need to train yourself with such intensity that corresponded to the heart rate microns 65-85% of the maximum for your age. 65% - this is for beginners. 85% - for experienced athletes. 220 minus the number of years working yourself WITH: The maximum heart rate is determined by the following formula. For example, if a young person of 15 years. is the maximum allowable heart rate IS 220-15 = 205 minute blow. 65% of which is beating 130 per minute, and 85% - 175 minute beating further detail Grow Taller 4 Idiots.

Now the super Exercises actual details.
Running easy workout for 5-7 minutes. Wait 20 minutes and Education for streamer flexibility. This is different and swings his legs Armagh, embankments, bridges, strings and just shake hands and feet. Visy window - two approaches, ONET complications kg and a weight of a 5.10. Strain on the legs bound Verdun. Carry out any approach for 20-30 seconds. Visy of the rod on the head - two approaches, ONET complications kg and a weight of a 5.10. Each approach for 15-20 seconds.

On the 60-70 Stella jumps while trying to reach the top notes of the wall. Background These are the two sets of 10 jumps, and pushed with a foot. Each jump target Verdun performed, starting with Hansen's power.
the street in a hill climb 20-30 meters high and relax. picks up speed Awf, runs fast. Repeat Exercise 4.3 This is small.

Three times a week, ready for bed diving. Stretch Himself (15-20 minutes) with rubber bands. A tie the legs, the other so with the shoulders. Yourself that you pull in opposite directions.
Swimming. Perform a variety of routes they water. For example, take the maximum Armagh and legs while swimming breast stroke.
As you can see, this technology is accessible and therefore very easy for all. Regular implementation of the recommendations outlined Darin, exercise and diet will increase your height desired by several inches.


Eczema Free Forever Review And treatment 2012-13

Eczema - inflammation of the upper layers of the skin neuro-allergic nature. Leading role in the development of this disease divert dysfunction of the central and autonomic (parasympathetic most part) of the nervous system. Of great importance is lack of immunological mechanisms - immunodeficiency states that can develop on a background of genetic predisposition, resulting in violations of the neurohumoral regulation. Inhibition of immunological reactivity contributes to the activation foci of infection, enhance the action of various antigens, slowing their removal from the body, which predisposes to the appearance of eczema. Plays an important role as an allergic alteration of an organism that can manifest an increased sensitivity of the skin of patients with a number of agents. First, there is monovalent, then polyvalent sensitization, autoallergy, which complicates treatment. On the occurrence of sensitization status affect innate predisposition, prolonged contact with antigens, especially against the background of immune system deficiency, metabolic disorders (eczema in patients with abnormalities of carbohydrate, mineral metabolism), the state of the endocrine glands (the appearance of the disease during menopause).

Contribute to the appearance of eczema disease of internal organs, especially the digestive system - with a change in the acidity gastritis, enterocolitis in violation of the processes of absorption (small intestine), cholecystitis, helminthic infestation, chronic constipation, increased sensitivity to nutrients.

Play the role of exogenous factors, irritating and allergenic effects of chemicals (eg, occupational eczema - resins, chromium, nickel, etc.), plants (geraniums, narcissus, etc.), drugs such as procaine, benzylpenicillin (eczema medical staff) and cosmetics. Etiological and pathogenetic significance may be radiant energy (solar eczema), exposure to heat, cold, mechanical irritation. One patient in the development of the disease may play a role of several factors that cause persistence of eczema to various kinds of therapy.

Treatment of eczema

Treatment of eczema should be strictly individual. General and local funds designated in the light of exogenous and endogenous factors underlying the development of disease. Previously patients carefully examined (indication - consultation of the therapist, gynecologist and other specialists).

Become important is nutrition. During exacerbation of dermatosis recommend a diet of 10 K, which has sufficient energy value. Apply foods with a high amount of protein, normal-fat diet.

Limit the amount of carbohydrates (especially easily digestible - sugar, jam, etc.), salt (2 g / day.). In marked edema and soak for 3 days is prescribed salt-free diet. Limit fluid intake to 1000-1200 ml / day., Irritating drinks, spicy foods, canned foods, smoked meats, spices, egg white, chocolate, citrus fruits and other foods that have sensitizing properties. About 40% of protein and fat diet should be protein and fats of vegetable origin. Fried dishes containing cleavage products of fat, you should prefer boiled, stewed, steamed. In the daily diet is introduced fresh vegetables, fruit in the form of juices, salads, milk products. Eat small portions of food should be at frequent intervals. For the detection of food allergens recommend a diet that excludes or successively including various foods. Obese patients it is advisable to arrange fasting days. Patients with a chronic eczema recommend repeated short-term (1-2 days) courses of fasting with a purpose into 500-1000 ml of magnesium sulfate and alkaline mineral waters read more.

When combined with eczema indigestion, with gastroduodenitis hepatitis pankretitom prescribe drugs containing pancreatic enzymes, pepsin, bile salts (panzinorm 1 tablet 3 times daily with meals, Festal inside of 1 tablet 2-3 times a day during or immediately after a meal, Polizim). Adults and especially elderly patients who reveal dysfunction of the digestive system (constipation, cholecystitis, colitis), hypertension, irritability, and edema occur, soak, shows a 15-25% solution of magnesium sulfate into 15 ml three times daily and he has a desensitizing, cholagogue, sedative, antispasmodic properties, due to laxative action displays a significant amount of fluid. Sedative, hypotensive, diuretic effect of the drug is more pronounced when administered parenterally. Magnesium sulfate should not be taken with calcium supplementation (reduced therapeutic effect).

Fibroid Miracle Program Review 2012-13 ***when intervention is necessary to the doctor***

Fibroid - A benign, like a tumor, consisting mainly of fibrous and connective tissue. It occurs when for some unknown reason, or due to injury or irritation begins uncontrolled cell growth. Fibroid s can form anywhere on the body and usually require no treatment or disposal.

Most often fibroid occur in adults, although they may also develop in children.

The most common types of fibroid s are angio fibroid s, Dermato fibroid , oral fibroid s, and plantar fibroid.

Dermato fibroid - a circular formation, mainly on the feet, they may be close, red or almost purple. When pressed on the skin, they feel like nodules. Dermato fibroid s as fibroid s in general, are very rarely cancerous, so it's best to just not touch it.
Plantar fibroid s are formed on the arch of the foot. They are also benign, but sometimes causes pain when walking, so they should be treated. Used for the treatment of steroid injections, orthopedic devices and physiotherapy. If pain persists or increases, you may need surgical treatment.
Symptoms of fibroid s

The main symptom is the appearance of a small build-up, which can be soft or quite hard to the touch. It can cause itching, or be very sensitive to the touch, with the time fibroid s can change color. Because fibroid s are usually convex, constant contact with them tissue or frequent shaving can cause them irritation or bleeding.

The plantar fibroid may eventually increase. Typically, it causes pain when a person stands or walks. In some patients, after a while the new fibroid s may appear on the feet.

If the violation is very important to remember that complications of surgery may be worse than the symptoms of plantar fibroid itself. However, if you find it difficult to walk and / or fibroid s continues to increase, surgical intervention is necessary.

Causes and Risk Factors

Scientists can not say exactly why starts to develop fibroids. Some experts believe that this occurs after minor trauma. Perhaps this is due to violation of certain drugs, including beta-blockers, which can modify the fibrous tissue.

The likelihood of developing fibroids increases, if your family history fibroid, and if you think of the representatives of the Nordic peoples.


Since dermato fibroid s are harmless, they do not want to be treated with fibroid miracle, except when they have a negative impact on the exterior of the patient. If Dermato fibroid is damaged, for example, while shaving, it is used treatment of liquid nitrogen, and in some cases, the fibroid s removed surgically.

For the treatment of plantar fibroid is primarily non-invasive methods are available:

Krioanalgeziya - a procedure in which the fibroid s affect low temperature and its size decreases.
The use of orthotic devices to relieve the discomfort when walking.
If that fails, use other methods:

Injection of corticosteroids in the fiber.
Surgical removal of the entire plantar fascia, along with the fibroid (deficiencies is the procedure: a long recovery period and greater likelihood of other problems associated with the feet).

Pearly Penile Papules Removal Review +++What are pearly penile papules?+++

 What are pearly penile papules?

According to conventional wisdom pearly penile papules are a variant of the norm, not harmful to health, do not cause any complications, are not transmitted through sexual contact and are a cosmetic fault. These eruptions occur according to different authors, 30% of young men in the medical literature dealt with this issue is limited and highly controversial, many clinicians are unfamiliar with this problem, effective treatments are not offered.

Why do I get pearly papules?

The cause of nacreous (pearly) papule not fully understood. Some believe that this proliferation of epithelial ducts mikrozhelez penis, while others consider them fibroplasticheskoy proliferation of individual sections of the epithelium covering the glans penis. The appearance of papules and abundant growth during puberty and their loss or reduction in their number after it indicates the role of elevated levels of androgens in the body.

Thus, the probable mechanism of formation of the following - elevated levels of androgens causes an enhanced secretion of glands, glans penis and increased allocation of smegma, which is due to their physico-chemical properties of the irritating effect on the epithelium causing it fibroplasticheskuyu proliferation (growth). Circumcision is to minimize this effect, so the percentage of persons with pearly papules among them is lower than the uncircumcised.

What are the symptoms of pearly papules?

The main and the only sign of pearly penile papules is the presence of closely spaced the same size, dense, painless nodules with a brilliantly - a matte finish, reminiscent of pearls. In most cases, they encircle the head of the penis in the form of a ring in one, two or more rows.

What is seborrhea cyst?

The appearance of the sebaceous glands in the lips, oral mucosa, the trunk of the penis is called seborrheic cysts or granules Fordyce. According to conventional wisdom Fordyce granules are on the penis are normal, do not cause harm to health, do not cause complications, are not transmitted through sexual contact and are a cosmetic fault.

Why do I get a cyst Seborrheic Fordyce?

The reasons for the changes of sebaceous glands is still not well established. The reasons - the offset to the upper layer of the dermis sebaceous glands close to the epidermis and (or) their abnormal location. It is also marked hyperplasia of the ducts of sebaceous glands, leading to the formation of cysts - in other words, narrowing or obstruction (blockage) of ducts with subsequent accumulation of secretions (sebum) in the gland.

The period of the appearance of cysts are usually associated with sexual maturation. Thus the process of emergence of modified sebaceous glands can be represented as follows: the child is born already with displaced or abnormally located sebaceous glands during puberty under the influence of androgens (male sex hormones), there is an increase of glands and the formation of active secretion (sebum) that leads them to Apparently manifestation.

What are the signs of Fordyce granules?

Fordyce granules appear as small dense induration (nodules) in the fringe of the lips, oral mucosa, the trunk of the penis, the labia majora. The rash often are widespread in nature and painless. With pressure can be released in a tiny amount of white-yellow dense content, but often end up trying to extrude Punctate bleeding and hematoma formation around.

Pearly Penile Papules Removal Treatment?

Treatment is not required. With cosmetic purposes, it can be done at the request of the patient. We apply the laser eletrokoagulyatsiya cryotherapy. After removal, in some cases, there are recurrences.

Duke peterson vision without glasses Causes of visual impairment


Need to consider how there is tension and muscle contraction, and then become clear the root cause of visual impairment.

Mental stress.
Dr. Bates is quite clearly states that he believes the cause of mental impairment, mental stress, which, respectively, gives rise to physical strain on the eyes and eye muscles and nerves, leading thus to a visual impairment.

He believes that a nervous temperament, has a tendency to psychological and mental stress is the cause of most serious shortcomings of view. He considers less serious defects as a result, mainly mental stress (and hence the voltage on the brain and nervous system) generated by overwork, anxiety, fear, etc. The degree of impairment varies in all cases, depending on the temperament and condition of the nervous system of the individual. As proof of his theory of Bates has concentrated its efforts on therapies that address the mental state of stress. Thus, a key provision of the Bates method is relaxation (relaxation).

If a man is able to remove the mental stress, then your eyes (along with their associated muscles and nerves) will not be in a state of stress. Conversely, if we can reach a relaxed state of the eye and the eye muscles and nerves, then the brain (and hence the mind) will be in the unstressed state. Thus, it is clear that the method of Bates aims to achieve the ability to remove the state of tension as the mental and physical. Only under these conditions it is possible to achieve good outcomes. Some cases of failure it is possible to explain the patient's inability to remove the tension adequately or neglect of physical relaxation.
Any factor, not only mental but also physical, and able to cause muscle strain your eyes, is a potential cause of visual impairment.

The more causes of visual impairment can be identified, the more confidence that the treatment can be successful. Therefore, in this book so much attention is paid to a variety of factors that must be taken into account, relying on the success of treatment.

In search of the possible causes of the stress state of the eye muscles must be borne in mind that the eye is part of the body and as such is exposed to conditions affecting the body as a whole. Treat the eye as something separate, which can operate completely independently, it would be a mistake.
Therefore, you should focus on factors that have an impact on the body as a whole.

It is known that diseases such as diabetes and nephritis, have an effect on the eyes, and among physicians recognized that in some cases based on cataracts is diabetes. Most non-specialists know that the spots appeared before my eyes, and "float" in the liver and digestive problems.

But the close connection between the eyes and other parts of the body is fully supported by those engaged in iridology. Pioneers iridodiagnostics did a great job to show that any change, functional or organic, in any body part or organ is reflected in his eyes, changing the color of the iris, which is directly connected with this part of the body or authority. This is a wonderful demonstration of the result of the relationship between the nerves of the eyes and central nervous system. If the eye is influenced by changes in individual organs, how much this effect increases when the whole body is involved?

Many doctors who practice natural therapies, found that the inflammatory state of the eye such as conjunctivitis, iritis, etc., should not be regarded as a disease affecting only the eyes and nothing more, but as a symptom of overall imbalance in the body due to excessive consumption of sugar, protein, etc.
At the same time, they came to the conclusion that the cataract is only a symptom of a deeper (and hence chronic) manifestations of the same state.

Experience has shown that malnutrition not only affects the eyes themselves, but also on the processes by which the vision, because the muscles and blood vessels surrounding the eyes, make a "share" in the process of delay in the body of harmful substances due to metabolic disturbances, which in turn, stem from malnutrition.

As soon as the muscles and blood vessels "clog" the proper conclusion of hazardous substances is not possible and muscle instead of being soft and flexible, becoming rigid and strapped. All of this ultimately prevents the normal accommodation, and then, as a direct consequence, influences the shape of the eye. The end result is blurred vision.

The cause of many cases of nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism is nothing like all of the above, and presbyopia occurs almost entirely because of this.
Until recently it was believed that when a person reaches middle age, the eyes naturally change shape, thus making it difficult for normal vision of close objects and causing presbyopia. This is seen as an inconvenient but necessary price we must pay for such a long stay in this world. And this difficulty is avoided by wearing convex glasses.

Only a few of the millions of people suffering from presbyopia, are aware that poor diet for 45 or 50 years may be the cause of these changes in their visual abilities. But no doubt about the fact that many people suffering from presbyopia, can restore normal vision, simply adhering to a sensible diet and doing some simple exercises for the eyes.

To emphasize the vital connection between nutrition and vision, it should be noted that there are many documented cases of significant impairment of healing through a simple post, which contributes to the conclusion of harmful substances from the muscles and blood vessels in the eye, causing the muscles relax and vision improves our Duke peterson vision without glasses here.

Blood and nerves.
If the delivery of blood and nervous energy to the eye is impaired, normal vision impossible and, therefore, any factor that could affect the condition of the blood vessels or nerves of the eye, may be a possible cause of visual impairment.

Of course, it is clear that mental stress and poor diet cause disruption to normal delivery of blood and nervous energy to the eyes, but there are some purely mechanical means such violation. The main reason for the mechanical disruption of the normal blood supply and nerve impulses in the muscles of the neck is covered.

If these muscles are shortened, stress state, they act on the cervical vertebrae, making it difficult for the normal action of the nerves, "serving" the eye. In addition, affected vasomotor nerves that control the size of small arteries as a result of restricted blood flow to the head.Therefore, in all cases of visual impairment need to make sure that the back of the neck muscles are completely relaxed, that there are no irregularities in the vertebral system.

I should add that massage and other back and neck exercises are very useful in many cases, cure was achieved was with their help. In addition, you should understand that in most cases of visual impairment stress on the eyes and eye muscles, blood vessels and nerves (mainly due to the constant wearing of glasses) is transmitted to the muscles of the back of the neck and they, in turn, become strained.
It is obvious that the complete restoration of normal vision is impossible without relaxation of these muscles and, therefore, it is clear what significance to the overall course of treatment are exercises for the neck.

Tinnitus Miracle - A harbinger of deafness

Scientists from the University of London King's College found that tinnitus is a symptom of deafness, even when the violations in the hearing as such is not present or planned. The appearance of tinnitus, the work not of the ear and the auditory nerve and brain.

In chronic nature of the sound, squeak, high whistle, hum and other noise, heard a man in the absence of the various external sources, becoming a serious problem. Previously, this disorder is trying to cure the effects on the auditory nerve, but in some cases, this resulted in complete deafness, but the ringing in your ears without any changes remained, suggesting that it is not only in the ear and auditory pathways to the analyzer and in the brain. So why the brain is still necessary to create a phantom noise?

Tinnitus is often accompanied by hearing defects, but not in all cases. Such exceptions just knocked all researchers astray. That's why scientists have suggested that the hearing defects exist, they simply can not be determined by standard methods. It was tested 15 people with chronic tinnitus and 18 without it. Out of all no one complained at the hearing. Everybody listen to the recording gave a very loud high-frequency sounds. At this time, the scientists recorded the brain activity of participants.

As it turned out, those who have had ringing in the ears, with respect to audible sounds by the brain had been shown a feature. Probably due to nerve damage fabric is passed from ear to the brain by the auditory nerve, the nerve impulse was slightly weakened. However, activity in the auditory brain areas were discernible in the two groups. The brain is somehow compensated for the weakness of the incoming signal.
To compensate for the defect of hearing, auditory analyzer neurons in people with tinnitus miracle are excited without external stimulus. The man himself could not help noticing the defect, but the brain knows about it and tries to take at least some measures, such as creating its own "sound". In the future, a phantom sound becomes obsessive and constant, which indicates the increasing problems with the auditory nerve. That is why, as scientists say, a slight ringing in my ears, heard regularly is the reason for seeking medical attention.

Joey Atlas Scam Legends and tales of cellulite

Hello, girls!, 
Came across a very interesting article about cellulite. I think that you are interested. That's the article itself. Cellulite is undoubtedly the most common cosmetic problem. With her ​​faced by women - representatives of different nations at any age, regardless of income level. A variety of tools and techniques aimed at solving aesthetic problems associated with cellulite. It is now defined as estrogen-age structural pathology of subcutaneous fat, which is manifested homeostasis, venous stasis and fibrosis of certain areas. Despite the fact that this problem is certainly the aesthetic and does not fall under the definition of "disease" under certain conditions a pronounced cellulite leads to discomfort and impaired quality of life, and sometimes even accompanied by a breach of health. Psychological significance of the defect can be extremely high and often results in women of a certain psychological type of depression, nervous breakdowns, and BDD. In addition, there are concomitant somatic pathology: lipodystrophy and varicose veins are almost always form a vicious circle. Varicose veins in the stage of decompensation and, moreover, exacerbates the severity of trophic changes in the appearance of cellulite. Cellulite is a 3-stage 4, in turn, may cause difficulties in venous drainage of the lower limbs, and promote the development of varicose veins. It is believed that fibrosis and microcirculatory disorder in the estrogen-dependent areas of subcutaneous adipose tissue (abdomen, thighs, buttocks) lead to disturbances in the processes of metabolism and hormonal feedback mechanism contribute to ovarian dysfunction. According to histological classification of cellulite principle distinguish the following stages:

• Stage 0 - normal adipose tissue;
• Stage 1 - lymphostasis subcutaneous fat, are often more pronounced in the follicular phase of the menstrual cycle;
• Stage 2 - chronic lymphostasis, venous stasis of subcutaneous fat, impairment of microcirculation; • the herd - chronic lymphostasis, venous stasis, deterioration of the microcirculation. Local fibrosis of subcutaneous fat;
•  Stage 3- lymphostasis chronic, venous stasis, deterioration of the microcirculation, distributed fibrosis;
 • Stage 4 - Chronic lymphostasis, venous stasis, deterioration of the microcirculation, distributed fibrosis, local hardening. In rare cases, the unit formed by calcification. At stages 0 and 1 massage is used to prevent the development of cellulite. At stages 2 and FOR massage - a treatment for cellulite and prevent its further development. In the ST and 4 stages of massage is a technique that can reduce the severity of the existing appearance of cellulite and help during concomitant aesthetic and somatic pathology. Despite the fact that the problem of cellulite are interested in public recently, in modern cosmetic folklore she confidently takes center stage and shrouded in a veil of mysticism and secrets. The people who created these stories are women, without distinction of race and ethnicity. Fear, as reflected in these myths - of course, the classic fear of old age and death. Stucco covering the hips like a woman of the impermanence of existence, of past years, represents the loss of youth and beauty. Anyway, so say the glossy magazines, and which may be reason not to believe them more info about cellulite Joey Atlas Scam?
truth about cellulite
Great Dream of legends - not less than the classical vision of the Holy Grail, the source of eternal youth and beauty, The Makropulos Affair. In our case - is a kind of remedy that in a few days not only eliminates the martyr of cellulite, but also to lose weight, without any discomfort, complications and effort. Standard begining Legends is not too different from the familiar to us, "In a certain kingdom, in a state of ..." or «Once upon a day ...», the familiar English-speaking friends. So - "A friend of mine once tried to ..." 1. Magic pill. This is the traditional myth of the magic potion. Almost all women, regardless of educational level, social status and country of residence, admit the idea that there is a magic pill Cellulite. Over the past fifteen years as a magic pill to appear:

Cleaning products and "Tea for weight loss." I think many readers will remember the boom in popularity of tea "Flying Swallow", designed for weight loss and cellulite treatment. As part of this tea, the results of an independent review conducted in 1997 found nearly 94% of the crushed leaves of senna, and a number of plant dust and dust of unknown origin. The effect of the drug was reduced to a marked laxative effect, in which food is digested incompletely adopted, there is a loss of fluid and some loss of body weight, which is characteristic, however, and intestinal infections. Cosmetic effect: reduction of the volume, especially the tendency to edema. The effect of "flat stomach" several times a day. With prolonged use, may reduce the weight and sharpen facial features.

Complications quickly arise dry skin, there may be headaches and dizziness. Abdominal pain, flatulence. Desocialization. Hypovitaminosis. Dangerous complications: conduction disorders and cardiac muscle trophism, arrhythmias, acute diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Reduced activity of its own intestinal motility. Diuretics

• tablets. most longstanding means discoverers believe ballet. Popular classical diuretics. The expected effect - weight loss, decrease the volume, the reduction of cellulite. Indeed, the loss of fluid, and all of the above happens pretty quickly. Cosmetic effect: rapid weight loss, lack of heaviness in the legs, the local reduction of the volume in the leg and knee. Complications: dry skin, decreased skin tone the body and face, loss of breast volume, the appearance of small wrinkles around the eyes and around the mouth, dryness and peeling lips. dangerous complications soon appeared cardiac arrhythmia, cardiac arrhythmias, weakness, low blood pressure. With regular use of addictive forms of drug dose, and the dependence of developing chronic renal failure. The outcome can be tragic.

• Cellulite Vitamin Complex. These drugs can be easily found among the food additives and cocktails. Annotations are the same promise miracles - getting rid of cellulite for a month. In the most part you can see the fiber, B vitamins, some minerals, sometimes you can find lecithin and plant extracts. cosmetic effect , provided the minimum efficiency - improving the quality of the skin, a slight decrease in appetite. At an impressionable young girls may be a laxative, a diuretic effect, increasing efficiency, endurance and total lack of appetite. These effects are highly correlated with price and quality of packaging, as well as with the power of charisma seller. Complications: Is that an allergic reaction. Dangerous complications were observed.

• Thai tablets. Strictly speaking, Thai tablets are sold as a means for weight loss. But buying them and for the treatment of cellulite! In Thailand, most of this success of the local pharmacy did not know, basically, their popularity is limited to post-Soviet space and Eastern Europe and the Russian-speaking communities in America and Germany. This product is sold illegally, he did not pass any licensing and certification. As part of amphetamines and found extracts of some plants that provide both stimulating and sedative effect. Cosmetic effects: euphoric expression on his face, bright eyes, rapid loss of weight and volume. Complications: loss of control, mood swings, lack of appetite, skin tone, loss of hair. Dangerous complications: the development of drug dependence, liver toxicity, kidney, heart, against the use of the death.

• Ksinekal. This product is intended for the treatment of obesity, however, many women equate the problem of excess weight and cellulite problems. Thus, the miracle seeker Ksinekal to have high expectations. drug prevents absorption of about 30% of fat from the total food consumed. Because the fat - this is the component of the caloric intake, then by reducing overall caloric intake is a loss of total weight. In normal calorie diet and a low content of fat in the habitual diet effect is minimal. Cosmetic effect: weight loss in obesity and eating disorders expressed. Complications: desocialization, malabsorption of fat-soluble vitamins, dry skin, decreased skin tone. Dangerous complications: no. Py.Sy - address of the article -, there can be read and comments, really, by the way, interesting. All health!

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Diet Solution Program Review How to stick to a diet

Everyone can find at least one acquaintance who once looked at myself in the mirror and was horrified and decided to go on a diet. What mistakes make all the people who, without consulting with a nutritionist and learned all the necessary information, try to lose weight? They simply do not know what food is harmful, what food is useful, what food gives us the necessary nutrients, etc. etc. Therefore, some open fridge and not finding it a healthy and wholesome food decide that today they discharge day. The next day, hungry, offer the same refrigerator and consume something harmful, but tasty, justifying his actions by saying that it is a sin to throw edu, or what today is the first and last meal. Others find on the internet or in a magazine a new diet, especially if it "promotes" the image of pop diva or have pictures of the "Before and After" and the inscription "With this diet, I took off 15 pounds in the first month," and sit down with the expectation of it. There are also some people who do not give any from any food: oily, sharp, high-calorie, etc., but after every meal, they shoved two fingers in his mouth, and no extra pounds. This article wants to help amateurs understand the question  

"What is the diet?".
If you translate this word into the Russian language, there are two different versions of translation. The first version - it is a translation from the Latin: the diet is the day. Those who believe this is the correct translation, interpreted as a diet eating only in the daytime. But there is a second version, translated from the Greek diet - it is nothing but a way of life. But how to follow a diet that is not self-harm and the damage can cause the body to properly chosen diet? harm to your body can cause irreparable: it may be difficult to treated obesity, and gastritis, ulcers and even stomach. To avoid this you can not, in any case, choose a Diet Solution Program, you should consult a dietitian, who will conduct a survey, and only then find out which diet is right for you and why? Why do I need a survey, ask many of the readers? But then, that every human individual, and if something goes to the benefit of one, it would be extremely harmful for another. So if you are assigned a diet and it gives great results, it is not necessary to call all my girlfriends, and strongly recommend the same diet and they are.

This could end badly. Instead, recommend a dietitian who has made the correct conclusion, and gave you the result. In addition, the doctor will ask what you eat and what mode is observed, if any, it can send you to the delivery of blood tests: blood chemistry, blood tests for hormones, the omega-6 and others, if necessary. No need to ignore the campaigns of the lab, thinking that you have blood all right and the weight just because you typed the wrong food. And always, if something is unclear, ask again with your dietitian.It was only after compiling a complete history and the test results, the doctor may prescribe you a diet. Also, at your request, the doctor can paint on the days that you need to have, and say things that we must strictly refrain.

Anabolic cooking Program Review

VEGETABLE COOKING (which has an anabolic effect)
Herbal preparations have generally weak anabolic effect, however, raise working ability, they can to beat a lot of synthetic preparations in the properties. Vegetable anabolic steroids actually do not have toxicity, a well-handed, have very few contraindications. They can be used both independently and with other anabolic means to vzaimopotentsirovaniya their actions. The main feature of the plant of anabolic steroids (RA) is their ability to raise the anabolic activity of their own body systems due to potentiation of insulin, somatotropic hormone and gonadotropic . This is achieved by increasing the synthesis of cAMP , cGMP , etc. mediators , cells, raising the sensitivity to a hormone the body. cAMP , for example, raises the sensitivity of cells to the objectives of endogenous growth hormone and insulin-enhancing effects of the latter. All of RA can be divided arbitrarily into two large groups: pa-adaptageny and RA hypoglycemic action. Ra-adaptogeny called so because in addition to the anabolic actions have the property to raise the stability of the organism to the most various unfavorable factors: the physical action of hypoxia , the toxins radioactive and electromagnetic radiations , etc.

1. RA - adaptogens . 1) Leuzea carthamoides ( Maral Root). plant growing in the Altai Mountains in the Western and Eastern Siberia, in Central steroids, which have marked anabolic activity. Introduction The extraction of Rhaponticum in the body increases belkovo-synthetic processes, promotes the accumulation of fibers in the muscles, liver, heart and kidneys. Physical endurance and intellectual ability to significantly raise labor. In a long statement levzei there - the gradual expansion of the vascular channel and as a consequence, which improves blood circulation. The frequency of warm reductions, which is associated with both a tone that increases the nervous system parasimaticheskoy , and an increase from the face of the heart muscle is slowed down. A distinctive feature of Rhaponticum is the ability to improve the structure of the peripheral blood, increasing the activity of mitotic cells in the bone marrow. In the blood, maintenance of red blood cells , white blood cells, hemoglobin picks up. Increase immunity. Leuzea released in the form of an extract from rhizomes of the spirit with the roots of Rhaponticum 40 ml bottles. Take a once-daily morning dose of 20 recessions to 1 teaspoon. Ecdysterone (Ratibol) . Relationship of steroid appropriated from Rhaponticum carthamoides . It has a pronounced anabolic steroid and toning action. Form: tablets 5 mg. 3 times a day, taken in at 5-10 mg. 2) Pink Rhodiola (golden root). Rhodiola carnation growing in the Altai, Sayan Mountains, Eastern Siberia and the Far East. The pharmacological effects caused by the presence of golden root substances such as rodozin and rodiolizid . In some countries they are released in a pure state. A distinctive feature of the golden root - the most powerful effect upon the relationship to the muscle tissue.

Muscle strength and fatigue increase the power. Activity of fiber contractile actin and increased myosin . Increase the size of mitochondria . form: the spirit of an extract from rhizomes with roots of Rhodiola , pink in bottles of 30 ml. Take a once-daily morning doses of 5 downs to 1 teaspoon. 3) The Manchurian Aralia . distinctive line of Aralia - the ability to cause quite a well-known hypoglycemia (decrease in blood sugar), more than on the size of hypoglycemia caused by Ra-adaptogenami others. As hypoglycaemia in this case it is accompanied by the emission of somatotropic hormone reception Manchurian Aralia is a significant overall anabolic cooking effect with a strong increase in appetite and weight gain. Pharmacological effects of Aralia caused by the presence of a special type glikozidov-aralozidov And, C, etc. Product: cast the spirit from the roots of the Manchurian Aralia in bottles of 50 ml. Take once a day in the morning from 5 to 15 drops. Saparal . The amount of ammonium salts of the base of triterpene glycosides (aralosides) derived from the roots of the Manchurian Aralia . In contrast to the shade of Aralia does not have such a strong hypoglycemic and anabolic effect. Property of training to raise the nervous system is expressed more strongly than in the shade of Aralia . Not bad work raises the total capacity. Product: tablets of 50 mg. Take 1-2 times a day 1-2 tablets. 4) Eleutherococcus prickly. Eleutherococcus contains prickly enhance the synthesis of fiber. The synthesis of carbohydrates also increases. Inhibit the synthesis of fat. Oxidation of the total acid enhances the physical work. The peculiarity of Eleutherococcus is in its ability to improve the color appearance and the liver. Released Siberian ginseng extract in the form of the spirit of the rhizomes with roots in 50 ml. Take downs from 10 to 1 teaspoon once a day that cause a hypoglycemic and anabolic effect. In the anabolic activity of zhen-shen is - about equal to Eleutherococcus , and as Eleutherococcus has the ability to act to potentiate insulin endogenous .

3 days to permanent bacterial vaginosis relief program

Bacterial vaginosis - a disease with characteristic heavy and prolonged vaginal discharge, often with an unpleasant odor. They do not show gonococci, Trichomonas and fungi. Use of the term "bacterial" because the disease is caused by poly microbial micro-flora; vaginosis - because, unlike vaginitis, there are no signs of inflammatory reaction of the mucous membrane of the vagina.


A survey of women begin with the collection of family history. Rigorous questioning, detailed knowledge of the beginning and the first sign of illness, the nature of the complaints prior to treatment determine the correct diagnosis. Itching of the external genitalia say 26% of patients, burning - 28%, dyspareunia - 23%. Dizuricheskie disorder is observed in only 15% of women, pain in the vagina or perineum in 21%. Complaints about these 97% of women had already repeatedly addressed to a gynecologist or urologist, mycology, endocrinologist, neurologist. At the same time 95% of them exhibited nonspecific vaginitis diagnosis, 75% of women previously repeatedly and unsuccessfully treated for suspected vaginitis, often used in a variety of topical antibiotics as well as orally or parenteral.

Physical examination

An objective examination is necessary to pay attention to the condition of the vulva, the external opening of the urethra, the mucous membrane of the vagina, cervix, the character of discharge. Vaginal discharge in bacterial vaginosis is usually abundant, homogeneous, white, with a sharp unpleasant smell "stale fish" . Depending on the nature of the discharge duration of the illness varies. At the beginning of the disease leucorrhoea liquid consistency, white or grayish tint. With long-term bacterial vaginosis (2 years) allocation zheltovatozelenovatoy color, more dense, reminiscent of curdled mass, frothy, viscous and sticky, evenly distributed along the walls of the vagina. Number whiter varies from moderate to heavy, but the average volume of 20 ml per day (approximately 10 times higher than normal). feature of bacterial vaginosis - the absence of signs of inflammation (swelling, redness) of the vaginal walls .

Mucosa with bacterial vaginosis normal pink color . In rare cases, elderly women (in menopause) show a small reddish spots. PH measurement is carried out using indicator strips with a scale interval not greater than 0.2 at the time of inspection. For bacterial vaginosis is characterized by a shift to the alkaline side (average 6.0). Simultaneously raise the reaction with 10% KOH solution. When mixed vaginal discharge and a few drops of alkali increases or creates a characteristic odor of "rotten fish" - a positive aminotest. Colposcopic picture of bacterial vaginosis characterizes the absence of diffuse or focal hyperemia, petechial hemorrhages, edema and infiltration of the mucosa of the vagina. In 39% of patients exhibit abnormal vaginal part of cervix (cervicitis, ectropion, a simple erosion, deformation scars, etc.).


3 days to permanent bacterial vaginosis relief The principal goal of therapy is to allow vaginal symptoms. All women with symptoms of bacterial vaginosis should be treated. The use of metronidazole in bacterial vaginosis significantly reduces the incidence of PID after the abortion. Thus, it is necessary treatment of bacterial vaginosis (accompanied by symptoms or asymptomatic bacterial vaginosis) prior to surgical abortion.

Acne No More Review If you have Acne: Causes, treatment, masking

You can not even imagine how many people in varying degrees, suffer from this disease. The degree of damage can vary - from a small amount on the face, to spread throughout the body: the chest or back. To this day, is not known what actually causes the appearance of acne, as it sometimes appears even in the newborn!

Most doctors still tend to believe the main perpetrators of the following facts:1. Stress, which increases the production of adrenal hormones.
2. Changing hormonal or hormonal surges, such as during menstruation.
3. Receive anabolitikov.
4. Bacteria.
5. Increased activity of the sebaceous glands.
6. Reduced ability to regenerate skin cells.
7. Taking certain medicines that contain androgen, barbiturates, lithium and halogen.

Eight. Heredity.

Most often blame the hormones that cause the sebaceous glands to work harder, so that the skin can not handle the load, resulting in blockage of pores, and then the close up of inflammatory processes.

Treatment Options

Sometimes, when faced with this problem, it is difficult to understand what to do. After all, do not always have the opportunity to appeal to the beautician, and not the fact that it will be a professional. So I would like to talk about what options there are treatment of Acne No More. All methods have in common is that they are aimed at: to destroy the bacteria that causes acne, reduce sebum production, open pores, reduce inflammation.

Let's start with the fact that you can do at home.

The main thing - always clean your skin. Whatever you're tired, you are an immutable rule. Otherwise, the next morning you will blame themselves. But it is worth while to use too harsh lotions, gels, etc. Instead of fighting with the bacteria, they will dry the skin, and as a result may become irritated. Moreover, the use of cosmetic products will lead to relapse. Therefore it is better to use products that have a soft formula, and do not contain alcohol. 2. Exfoliate. better use for these purposes recipes, which include alpha and beta hydroxy acid (beta hydroxy acid (BHA) and alpha hydroxy acid (AHA)). Scrubs is also well remove dead skin cells, but note that the particles must be small, so they do not damage the skin. Remember that if there is any inflammation of the skin, from the scrub should be abandoned for some time. 3. Decontamination. For these purposes, is commonly used benzoyl peroxide (Benzoyl peroxide (BP)). Its main action is directed at destroying the bacteria that cause acne. In addition, it is not so much dry skin, such as alcohol. Good effect on the skin provides the essential oil of tea tree.

Do not forget to occasionally make masks, which have a beneficial effect on your skin.

If you have a weak form of the disease, it is usually quite enough skin care at home. But sometimes have to go to the hospital. Therefore, it would be nice to know what procedures you can expect there:
One. Treatment with antibiotics. As ingestion, and for application to the skin. Usually prescribed benzoyl peroxide, clindamycin, and erythromycin, although this is not all that doctors may prescribe.

Two. Hormone therapy. This - procedure for women, as some representatives of it are suffering from acne, which are due to changes in hormonal levels. Most often, prescribe oral contraceptives, which contain a lot of female hormones, or spironolactone. I note that the drugs are for informational purposes only. Do not ingest what else drugs without consulting your doctor.

Three. Accutane. This is, by and large, and vitamin A in capsule form. It helps regulate the sebaceous glands. However, it has serious side effects, so take it without permission is not necessary.

Besides visiting a dermatologist, you can go to the beautician. The modern beauty industry can also offer some options for improving the condition of the skin (which is better, but not treatment):
1. This, of course, all kinds of masks: oxygen, on the basis of clay, vitamins, etc.
2. Chemical peeling.
3. Transfusion of blood.
4. Surgical intervention, when dealing with very severe.
5. Treatment with a laser.
6. With the help of special lamps that emit blue light.

You see, there are plenty to choose. But what if you find yourself in the face of a pimple? How to apply makeup so that acne and hide, and do not look like a man in a mask?

Camouflage for acne
So, if you think about 90% of women who suffer from varying degrees of acne, then you should always be the following:

• Toner, to be able to tweak the makeup. You can buy special masking tools that already contain drugs and drying ingredients. In addition, it is best if they are water based.


• Eye Drops against the redness. They help to remove redness on the skin.

• Concealer. If this is not a pencil, then hold your finger first 10 seconds under cold water. Allow it to dry. And only then apply it on face.

• Powder.

• Blush.

Before you apply makeup, wash your hands and watch over the purity of brushes and sponges. It is also important to cosmetics was overdue.

Yeast Infection No More Program Review

Yeast infection is associated with a conventional organism Candida albicans, and several of his relatives, all commonly found in the intestines and vagina. These bacteria cause illness only when their uncontrolled population, producing irritating discharge, accompanied by swelling, itching and redness.

Several factors contribute to yeast infections. Antibiotics are probably the main reason why the frequency of yeast infections more than doubled since the late 1960s. Women with allergies often develop yeast infections.

Anything that increases blood sugar levels, promotes the overgrowth of yeast, these include uncontrolled diabetes, pregnancy, or regular consumption of sugar products. The use of vaginal sponges and raises blood sugar levels. High estrogen levels also increase sugar levels and helps cells to vaginal candida attached to the walls, forming a colony. Especially women are in this process the week before menstruation. Wearing a close and / or synthetic underwear, bathing in chlorinated water reservoirs or hot baths, the use of rough towels, and frequent douching also contribute to infection. Candida breed better when you have stress or physical weakness. Candida cells have two forms - the usual round cell and long, thin, fast-growing and blossoming form. Thin cells grow aggressively separate from the cells of the vaginal walls and capture the deeper tissues, creating a more serious symptoms of vaginal discharge is thick, yeasty odor, and itching of the vulva.

Can yeast infections transmitted sexually way?
Opinions of experts differ. These infections are not classified as a disease transmitted by sexual way. However, for security partner can take the medication, especially if the infection recur. Some clinical studies have shown that Candida can be cultured from the genital area from 5-25% of men who are partners of infected women. When yeast infections become chronic only option that offered on the site nutritionists Yeast Infection No More Scam
Some women have recurrent, persistent outbreaks of yeast infections that may result from certain genetically weak immune system, hypersensitivity or allergic reactions. Candida capture other parts of the body, and in recent years to treat this condition uses many special diets, herbal treatments and used nutritional supplements.

Many women who are diagnosed with systemic yeast infection instead suffer from fatigue, adrenal glands, chronic fatigue syndrome, allergies to foods, environmental sensitivity, fibromyalgia or other conditions that arise due to the processing of stress and poor nutrition. This chronic yeast infection usually defines a weakened immune system, a diagnosis that requires further investigation.

Women with chronic vaginal yeast infections susceptible to systemic yeast infection and should be followed carefully balanced, a complete diet. Also, they can help the program with herbs and nutritional supplements.

Bacterial vaginosis

The second most common vaginal infection, bacterial vaginosis is usually associated with the bacterium Gardnerella vaginalis. This bacterium is present in the vagina of 50-60% of healthy women, bacterial vaginosis is diagnosed when Gardnerella increases in tandem with:

- An increased number of anaerobic organisms, such as Peptostreptococcus and Bacteroides;

- PH greater than 4.5;

- Reduced number of lactobacilli.

Bacterial vaginosis is of particular concern because the bacterium can easily infect the uterus and fallopian tubes, causing pelvic inflammatory disease (PID). This painful condition can damage oplodotvoritelnym and reproductive organs. Infected pregnant women are susceptible to miscarriages faster than healthy ones, and infections after giving birth.

Gardnerella, is believed to be sexually transmitted, however, its exact cause is unknown. Sure, a partner infected woman should always be treated.


Trichomoniasis, caused by unicellular protozoanami, called trichomonas, common and rarely serious. And yet it is much more unpleasant than the yeast infection and a much more difficult to cure. It produces a thick, yellowish, foamy discharge (sometimes bloody), and infected genitals swell, burn and itch. Inflame the urethra and bladder, trichomoniasis leads to frequent urination, causing a burning sensation. The organism prefers an alkaline environment, the natural vaginal condition that becomes more pronounced during menstruation. About 20% of women of reproductive age suffer from this infection at least once.

The organism is transmitted as a sexually and asexually way. Infected men symptoms are rare, although they may be carriers of trichomoniasis, 60% of infected women also may not have symptoms. Sometimes there is a non-sexual transfer of infection because the organism may be hiding on wet surfaces, such as a wet towel or bathing suits, as well as in swimming pools and hot tubs. Trichomonas die quickly when dry, so dry toilet seats or towels are not dangerous. What will the doctor

First of all, the gynecologist will determine the risk for vaginal infections, all the answers, even sexual partners are confidential. Examination of the pelvis includes the vulva, vagina and cervix, the doctor will assess the condition of the uterus and ovaries in the softness and inflammation. After inspecting a sample of vaginal secretions under a microscope, your doctor may send to the laboratory for culture, further tests may be conducted to determine the organism responsible for infection.

Xtreme Fat Loss Diet Review - Strict diet

Strict diet - Most of all the known low-calorie diets. The value of energy intake in the body is about 500 kcal per day, and it allows, in the author's personal experience, losing weight at a rate of about 200 grams of fat a day, that is to lose fat as quickly as in full fasting. At the same rigid diet has all the above discussed advantages over complete starvation.

Thus, the strict diet can be considered the most effective way to lose weight, since it gives almost the maximum possible rate of fat loss and will not cause the harm that occurs during starvation.

Organize a strict diet can be in many ways, and everyone can develop for himself the most suitable option. It is best if the patient is included in the diet of a relatively large amount of greenery and low-calorie vegetables, and a small amount of high-calorie food that contains proteins, polyunsaturated fatty acids and carbohydrates in roughly equal proportions.

I want to lose weight as quickly as possible may be tempted to feasibly reduce caloric intake, for example, up to 200-300 calories. But do not be! Indeed, in this case, a person at risk to cross the line to a partial starvation diet. And it is very undesirable, as spending threatens to tissue proteins. However, you can sometimes (once in 7-10 days) to "fasting days" (food alone vegetables) or a full day of fasting.

The reader may rightly ask: if a restricted diet so good, why does it apply broadly? Yes, it is not used, because it is very painful, and full of starvation treat obesity more often. However, this writer has repeatedly conducted experiments on himself - and the strict diet, and complete starvation - and found that his body is starvation more painful than a rigid diet. So the rumors of a strong extremely onerous strict diets are somewhat exaggerated. Who knows, maybe you have a restricted diet will go bad? But it is first necessary to try on a more traditional diet, with calories 1700 kcal, then - 1300 kcal, and gradually reduced to 500.

Finally, once you've reached your desired weight (does not matter which method), in any case did not proceed rapidly to the old eating habits! Otherwise, you risk a rapid return the weight that you threw so hard. For details Xtreme Fat Loss Diet Review,

Fat Loss Factor Scam - The quickest let get rid of fat

That during the day, our bodies compensate for all the funny and just follow this strategy: "All are talking about the results of research, so this is what you will burn more fat by doing so, and I agree 100%. But while there is a general reduction in weight, it does not matter what you burn is important, only 24-hour calorie balance. If you burn glucose during exercise, it will burn more fat at other times of the day. If during exercise you burn fat, burn more glucose then. end result is the same. If it were not so, then these athletes like sprinters who never burn fat during training, would not be lean. They burn so many calories that maintain balance and gaining fat. So, while morning cardio and bring some psychological benefit bodybuilders who like this program, I will not say it any way affect the general reduction of fat. "

Fat Loss Factor Program Review: If we talk about getting rid of fat, then hardly anyone more experienced in this matter than Chris acetyl. High-level bodybuilders and nutritionists, who advised many leading professionals in bodybuilding. Acetone is a firm believer in morning cardio. He did not hesitate, says: "The quickest let get rid of fat - this morning cardio on an empty stomach."

He believes that looking at the receipt and expenditure of calories only in terms of power is "limited." Success depends on several factors, not only on the energy balance. We return to the eternal question of whether all calories created equal? "Absolutely not! - Says acetyl. - Calorie - is not just a calorie. Any physiologist cringe when he hears this."

"All these people are talking only about the receipt and expenditure of calories - continues Chris. - According to their statements, if I do not eat anything but candy and Coca-Cola and eat 100 calories less than I need to maintain a normal weight, I immediately lose weight. We know that this is not so simple. Do not forget about the ratio of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Then there is the frequency of meals: from multiple data we know that shall find more muscle mass at 5-6 meals per day than three. It's not just calories, there are other factors. "

There are still reasons why you should include cardio in the morning your schedule. Landry, despite his doubts about the importance of a source of fuel, said: "If I were asked to name the most important factor for the successful discharge of fat, I would choose the morning workout."
Here are some arguments in their favor:

They will give you a great feel for the whole day, through the provision of the mood enhancing endorphins.
They will nourish you with energy and cheer.
They can help regulate your appetite throughout the day.
Your body clock adjusted to the morning workout, and it will be easier to wake up in the morning.

Morning workouts will be more successful than those when you are tired of working day, and friends lure you to a drink.
You can always find time to practice putting the alarm a bit earlier.
The morning workout will raise your metabolism for the day.
Of all these benefits, the most often discussed recently. Scientists call this phenomenon additional oxygen consumption.

Tracking only the number and type of calories burned during a workout, do not give you the full picture. Should be taken into account and those calories that your increased metabolism will continue to burn after it. Yes, exactly. Practice in the morning, and you will burn calories all day long. Imagine that you sit at work and burn fat! This is good, but the bad news is that the additional poslenagruzochnoe oxygen consumption is not so great as many think.

It's a myth that your metabolism stays elevated 24 hours after the workout. This occurs only after prolonged or super intensive loads, such as a marathon.

After training with low intensity value of additional oxygen consumption is so low that its impact on fat loss and not talking. You burn around 9-30 extra calories after exercise with the intensity level of 60-65% of maximum heart rate. In other words, the usual jog on the treadmill will do almost nothing to increase your metabolism.

Additional oxygen consumption, however, increases with the intensity and duration of exercise. According Vilmoru and Kostillu their Physiology of Sport and Exercise,  additional oxygen consumption after moderate loads (75-80%) increases by about 0.25 calories per minute or 15 calories per hour. This will lead to additional expenditure of 75 calories. It seems a small figure, but if we calculate the year (in theory) you lose the extra 2.5 kg of fat only at the expense of calories burned after your workout.

The best results can achieve high-intensity interval training. You alternate periods of high (85% of the maximum and higher) intensity with short periods of low. Studies of high-intensity interval training, showed a much higher additional  oxygen consumption, which can significantly increase daily energy expenditure. In one study, researchers at the University of Alabama have observed the effect of two training programs on daily energy expenditure. The first group worked on the stationary bike for 60 minutes of medium intensity, the other trained on the program of high-intensity interval training: two minutes of high intensity work on the bike, and two minutes of low intensity. The second group burned more calories in 24 hours than the first. All this may result in a loss of an additional 5 pounds of fat a year, on condition that they would do instead of the usual high-intensity interval training workouts five days a week.

Paradoxically, working with weights is much more additional oxygen consumption than conventional aerobics. Studies show that the metabolic rate remains elevated for 4-7% within 24 hours after training. Yes, this means that the body building burn fat through several indirect mechanisms. For someone who spends 2,500 calories a day, it will be expressed in burning more calories 100-175 after the workout. The lesson is simple: everyone who wants to lose weight and have not engaged in bodybuilding, must first go to weight training. Then and only then, you can start thinking about the morning cardio!

All interested in impact aerobics, especially high-intensity, in terms of risk of losing muscle. After overnight fasting levels of glycogen, glucose and insulin levels are low. As you might guess, this is the optimum environment for burning fat. Unfortunately, these same conditions are optimal for burning muscle because carbohydrate is small, and the levels of the catabolic hormone cortisol are high. It would seem that morning cardio - a double-edged sword, but to avoid loss of muscle tissue as possible.

All aerobic exercise to some extent affect the muscles, but if you do not overdo it, the fear of loss of muscle tissue is not necessary. It is true that your body during an aerobic workout splits muscle proteins for energy, but it destroys and restores muscle fibers constantly throughout the body. This process is called a circuit of proteins, and it is necessary for normal functioning. Your goal - to increase its anabolic component and reduce the catabolic just enough to stay in an anabolic state, that is to type (or at least maintain) muscle mass.

How to build muscle than to lose? The first - to avoid excesses in the cardio. Acetone proposes to limit the morning session on an empty stomach 30 minutes, then "the least likely that amino acids are used as fuel." He also mentions that "a strong cup of coffee helps burn more fat than glycogen. And if you can spare glycogen, protein, and then save it." You can also experiment with a mixture of thermogenic ephedrine, caffeine and aspirin or similar medicines based on herbs.

The next item - give your body the right Nutritional support. Errors in diet are more likely than strictly aerobic, are the cause of loss of muscle mass. To maintain muscle, eat well all day, which includes an adequate frequency of meals, amount of carbohydrates, proteins, and proteins, as well as the total calorie. And third - train with heavy weights, even in the phase of getting rid of fat. Erroneous to think that the small weight and high reps will help you become lean. What contributed to building muscle will help preserve them.Shocking prospect of losing you is so hard-earned muscle, but you still want to benefit from the morning fat burning cardio ? One option resorted to many bodybuilders - it's food or protein shake for 30-60 minutes before the morning workout. The protein without the carbs will minimize the insulin response, and help mobilize fat while providing amino acids the body, preventing the disintegration of muscle fibers.

It is obvious that morning cardio has a number of indisputable advantages, which led many to get up a little earlier in the morning. But let's try to summarize. Is it morning workout contribute a great loss of fat than held at a different time of day? Experience, common sense and experimental results allow us to say that, yes. However, the debate continues, and further research is needed. At that time, as scientists in their laboratories engaged in gas exchange measurements, costs and levels of basic calorie utilization, I intend to continue to get up at six in the morning to get on the cardio-training equipment.

Muscle Gaining Secrets How to build muscle?

In bodybuilding, special attention is paid to the issue of training biceps. However, the triceps is shaping up to 70% of the hand, besides all the extensor muscles of the human body is 2-2.5 times stronger than the flexor muscles. Therefore, in the hands of the pump should not work only and not on the biceps, triceps much. For a balanced development of their total load on the triceps should be 2.5 times greater than the load on the biceps of the weighted criteria. To clarify the above statement, let us turn to a simple example.

On the need to perform triceps exercises 3.2 (for example, close grip bench press and / or dips and French press), on the same curls - 2-3 exercises (lifts a dumbbell, barbell for biceps standing / on the bench of Scott and / or pull-ups reverse grip), but with less weight. Usually operating weight in exercises with the shot on the triceps at 1.8-2.2 times higher than in the exercises for biceps. In this case, it is necessary to carry out the triceps in one approach than the biceps. Somewhat more complicated is the case with pull-ups and dips, when an athlete has to overcome only its own weight. As a rule, working to muscle failure, an athlete, able to perform 20 repetitions of push-ups, Pull Ups serves 12-14. In order not to add an extra push approach, they are satisfied with the additional weights in the form of disks or weights that are suspended from athletic to the belt.

The duration of stay in the triceps exercises should not exceed 90-120 seconds, and in the exercises for biceps - 60-90 (except for pull-ups, which also allowed rest period of up to 2 minutes). Exercises for the biceps and triceps can be performed sequentially loading the first one arm and then another, or one by one - Super Series and supersets. Super Series assumed that the exercise is to exercise the triceps should exercise for biceps, triceps and then again on and so on, until the entire Muscle Gaining Secrets Program.

The effectiveness of techniques due to the fact that the muscles respond well to the load only during the first 40-45 minutes of workout, then working at half power because of the impoverishment of energy reserves (mainly glycogen - the main source of energy for the "white" areas of muscle fibers).
Superesety suggest that approaches one exercise mixed with other approaches. That is, implement an approach to the triceps, and immediately break the meringue (or a short break at no more than 30 seconds) performed an exercise for biceps. This technique can significantly reduce training time, but very heavy. Just keep in mind that both methods prevent the so-called Pumping - pumping blood into the trained muscles. Therefore, when training supersets Super Series and the hands do not look as massive as if the train is only one group of muscles. Blood plays a positive role by providing nutrients to the muscles, so the absence of Pumping can also be viewed as a negative phenomenon.

It is believed that the triceps and biceps grow better if their weight at one and the same day, however, the triceps is completely restored in about 72 hours, and biceps - 48. Therefore, there are two opposing methods of training: a system of micro traumas, when the muscles are loaded every workout to a state close to a state of denial. Or, taking into account the full recovery time (3 times swinging biceps, 2 times - triceps) - but before complete failure. Regardless of the chosen method of training the greatest effect is achieved by performing several regular exercises: pull-ups, dips, close grip bench press. All of these exercises involve muscles throughout their length, trigger the production of testosterone - a powerful anabolic. It seems reasonable to include at least one of these exercises every workout.

To pump up your hands do not forget about the brachioradialis muscle. They worked out well in the course of the direct grip pull-ups, well loaded with all exercises super sets. But have a few of their own, isolating movements: flexion / extension of the hands with a barbell, work with carpal expanders. The following diagram the pumping hands seems the most versatile and effective: pulling forward and reverse grip on the biceps (push-ups or bench press close grip triceps) - arm bar reverse grip in the slope of the lift or lower grip on the biceps (the French press standing or lying on the triceps) - raises barbell / dumbbell bench for Scott, lifts a dumbbell "hammer" or supination or concentrated lift weights (arms straightening in the slope, the thrust block on the triceps). Perform one of the suggested exercises in sequence. Once a week to complete muscle training exercises.

Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle - best diet to achieve burn fat

What is the best diet to achieve burn fat?

Now, understand the basics of nutrition, we delve into the subject. What kind of diet you should follow? The choice is great. In deciding, you should take into account personal preferences and metabolic responses of the organism.

For example, some bodybuilders respond better to a simple reduction in food intake. They eat the same thing, but smaller by eliminating from the diet of foods with low nutritional value, such as ice cream and candy. They can also cut back a little carbohydrate and fat and increase protein intake, and do not bother counting calories or carbohydrates.

It acted as Arnold Schwarzenegger during his competitive career. Preparing for the speech, he ate the same thing, but smaller, increasing protein intake with increasing intensity predsorevnovatelnoy training. Arnold began his nutritional program for the three months before the show, and this explains why he never looked at the scene of a tormented prisoner of war, unlike some of its rivals.

Other athletes prefer the popular advice of nutritionists and other experts - low-fat diet with moderate amounts of protein and plenty of complex carbohydrates. This eating plan is working, if the total number of calories low. Of its advantages should be noted a moderate reception, together with the necessary fiber elements contained in fruits, vegetables and grains - phytonutrients (literally - "nutrient derived from plants"). It is the polyphenols, flavonoids and a number of antioxidants. According to science, they protect the body against many degenerative diseases, including the two main 'killers' - cancer and cardiovascular disease. On the other hand, low-fat diets can lead to a deficiency of essential fatty acids. Your body needs two types of them - linoleic and alpha-linolenic acid. Sitting on a low fat diet, people may receive less of, as in enough of these nutrients are in very fat-rich foods - nuts and fatty fish species.

Another problem is that most of these diets are not the Nutritional dense. Although many experts may disagree, practical experience shows that fatty food satisfies hunger better than the food is low in fat, but it is very important to the diet. Most bodybuilders, long time complying with low-fat diet, complaining of weakness and loss of muscle mass. Why this happens is not clear, possibly due to lack of calories and essential fats you want to more info burn the fat feed the muscle.

We have come to the last and perhaps the most effective dietary option - low-carbohydrate diet.


One of my current passion is currently body building. Normally I would train in the gym try four times a week, my body loose skin in UP. However, I noticed one of the most important element is missing in my diet body building good nutrition. That's when I was introduced to Kyle Leon.

Leon own food is not software, I was I've seen before. By entering your personal data, it will be a daily average churn personalized plan for you. All you need to do is what was, follow the plan and you will gain muscle mass quickly without fat.

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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

The Jump Manual Program Review

The training program according to the method of parachutists free fall of progressive education, a program, is the most popular and effective training program for beginner parachutists. The ultimate goal of the program - the implementation of student self-skydiving-type "wing" with a height of 4000 meters with a delayed opening parachute to 60 seconds!

It would seem an impossible task in the foreseeable future. But, do not jump to conclusions! A total of 9 dives under the program, you reach your dreams!

All eight of the basic course of jumps performed with the educational (student)-type parachute "wing" with a height of 4000 meters.

The effectiveness of the program is achieved in that the air in contact with you, perform a jump, first two, but after a few jumps, one instructor. All possible errors associated with incorrect separation of aircraft, improper position of the body, leading to an unstable drop, fixed directly to the air. This allows the student to understand their errors are not "on his fingers," when parsing a jump on the ground and jump directly to the course. In addition, the instructor monitors the timeliness and accuracy of student activities on the disclosure of a parachute read more Jump Manual .

Actions under the parachutist in the air-filled dome parachute instructor controls, located on the ground. After receiving the student radio station he helped to carry out the landing and perform the correct landing.

Before you start jumping with you individually for eight hours, classroom training is conducted. The content of training is reduced to obtaining the basic knowledge to enable you to safely perform all the actions are directly related to the implementation of skydiving.

The program consists of 10 jumps of which 1 st - a tandem jump (the so-called zero-level programs), and 9 base jumping.

When performing a tandem jump you learn to control the height of the free-fall parachute operations prior to disclosure, and the correctness of the order of operations after opening the parachute, get to know the views from the air and the location of landmarks on the ground landing. Accustomed to act in front of and at the time of landing.

The first three jumps performed a basic course with two instructors. During these jumps you learn the proper separation of aircraft, engage in the correct body position for a stable free-fall height control, accuracy and consistency prior to and at the time of opening the parachute.

The next four jumps are performed in conjunction with one instructor, the first two of which are performed in direct contact, while the next two at a minimum range of student and instructor. During this part of the program, you learn to control his body in free fall, performing complex turns to the right and left, horizontal displacements, as well as flips. Under the direct supervision of an instructor in the air, you get the basic skills to manage their bodies in free fall.

Eighth jump you perform yourself. Monitoring conducted by you on the ground. The task for the jump includes elements of the previous four jumps.

Ninth jump is performed again with the instructor, and is in the development of elements of group acrobatics.

Everybody has completed the program, Flying Club provided the leadership for a coupon certificate for parachute equipment of one of the leading Russian manufacturers of skydiving equipment - the company PARAAVIS!

For more information about the order of the course and content of the exercises can be found in the Collection of parachute training SPP-2010 (program number 4) .

In the future, you run the training program jumps skydivers-sportsmen.

Visit us at the airport, turn on the manifest (the place of registration documents), and fill out an application form.
Pay the membership fee for one year (entry - 1,000 rubles, the annual renewal of -300 rubles).
Pay in full or in part (specified separately) the cost of the course.
Get the assignment to the instructor.
Get started ....
The "Progressive education free fall" - the most secure form of initial training of parachutists.

Security is achieved by a number of factors
All jumps are performed in pairs with one or two instructors. You are constantly under the direct supervision instructor IMMEDIATELY ready to come to your aid in case of a difficult situation.

You individually engaged in just four instructors: teaching theory, work with you in the air, and help to control your radio from the ground.

Our instructors have all the necessary evidence for this type of training, and most importantly a great learning experience novice parachutists.

All jumps are made from specially prepared for the landing parachute aircraft. Technically very well trained, seasoned fuel conditioning, and manned by an experienced crew.

All jumps are performed only on specially designed to train certified parachute system, which has an excellent technical condition and the ongoing six-monthly thorough inspections.

All jumps are done only with the parachute system equipped reserve parachute and an electronic safety device CYPRES - II having the highest class of accuracy.

Laying parachute jumps for your produce ONLY specially trained pavers for the parachutes.

Practical implementation of jumps made only after thorough individual course of theoretical training.

Skydiving done only under favorable weather conditions to ensure good visibility throughout all phases of the jump and the wind allows you to perform a landing with the greatest pleasure.

Visual Impact Muscle Building - Tips to build muscle mass

If you want to do a serious bodybuilder or just to shape your muscles, that's the basic advice - the result will not take long.

the male hormone responsible for muscle growth, reaching its highest level in 20 years, and then starts declining. Thus, to build up the muscles in adolescence is not worth it. "In the first 12 weeks of regular exercise increases muscle by 10-30 percent," - he said. Even if the exercise does not lead to a significant build muscle mass, says Karas, the muscle is definitely increasing. The reason - the muscles absorb the water, and thus distributed during exercise. In addition, the muscles burn fat, making them even more noticeable. After three months of exercise increases muscle slows down. The muscles are really starting to grow, and this takes time. "After the maximum load increases the body reaches a point where an increase in muscle mass is a rather complicated task,


"Good health requires effort - said Kent Adams, Ph.D., director of the laboratory of physiology of exercise at the University Monterey Bay in California. - Do not ever train without sparing himself. It is necessary to develop a reasonable individual training schedule and stick to it. "At a minimum, perform jumps, squats and other exercises that develop the hamstrings, stimulating the leg muscles to grow.

Whatever exercise you choose, do not overdo it. Excess levels of endurance and an excessive number of repetitions of exercises can cause muscle fatigue and slow down their growth.

American College of Sports Medicine recommends three sets of 8-12 repetitions for each exercise.

Experience is divided Lisa Santos (certified personal trainer with Cooper Institute): "To expedite the process, Exercise, by increasing the heart rate, and also try the method" superannuation. " It offers an approach with two or three exercises for different muscles. Rest, then another approach. After that, the next group of developed muscle.

The load on the muscles

Physical activity causes microscopic cracks in the muscles, which during the rest recovered. But if you do not give your muscles adequate rest, you can get a serious injury. ACSM recommends that the load divided by three days as follows:

Day 1: Chest, triceps and shoulders.
Day 2: The lower part of the body (hamstrings, hip abductor muscles and the abductor muscles, calves).
Day 3: Back, biceps and abdominal muscles.
Do not forget about the delayed muscle fatigue, which can occur 48 hours after loading. Drink plenty of water - before and after exercise.

Water - the necessary material for building muscle. On the day a person should drink 8-10 glasses of water. Karas offers before exercise drink extra 350-450 g, as well as 250-300 g per 15 minutes of intense stress. If the activity lasts more than an hour, you can drink and less intense loads. In this case, the water needed to restore the supply of electrolytes.

Restful sleep

"Sleep is directly related to blood pressure, depression and other health problems. Lack of sleep affects hormone levels, so necessary to increase muscle mass, "- said Karas. Recent studies have shown that sleep deprivation also leads to obesity. The average adult should sleep 7-8 hours. Of course, some take longer.

Balanced diet

"Building muscle requires a balanced intake of carbohydrates, fats, proteins and vitamins and minerals. The source is the daily food. Avoid carbohydrate diets, which increase insulin levels and, consequently, slow the growth hormones that influence muscle growth - suggests Karas. - Best option - 5-6 meals a day balanced food in small quantities. Building muscle is not combined with a diet. "

"When a calorie deficit the body can not build muscle - explains Santos. - Watch for fat in the diet. Fat should not exceed 30% of total daily calories. Also, do not forget about the rich in vitamins and minerals, fruits and vegetables. "

Santos offers a snack high in protein such as cottage cheese, cheese sticks, protein shakes. In supermarkets you can find a variety of powders, soluble in water or low-fat milk, resulting in a power protein shake to replace snacks between meals. In addition to the foregoing, it is recommended there is a turkey, cheese and crackers, foods rich in protein, low in fat. The more protein, the more muscle with Visual Impact Muscle Building .