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Friday, 20 July 2012

Fibroid Miracle Program Review 2012-13 ***when intervention is necessary to the doctor***

Fibroid - A benign, like a tumor, consisting mainly of fibrous and connective tissue. It occurs when for some unknown reason, or due to injury or irritation begins uncontrolled cell growth. Fibroid s can form anywhere on the body and usually require no treatment or disposal.

Most often fibroid occur in adults, although they may also develop in children.

The most common types of fibroid s are angio fibroid s, Dermato fibroid , oral fibroid s, and plantar fibroid.

Dermato fibroid - a circular formation, mainly on the feet, they may be close, red or almost purple. When pressed on the skin, they feel like nodules. Dermato fibroid s as fibroid s in general, are very rarely cancerous, so it's best to just not touch it.
Plantar fibroid s are formed on the arch of the foot. They are also benign, but sometimes causes pain when walking, so they should be treated. Used for the treatment of steroid injections, orthopedic devices and physiotherapy. If pain persists or increases, you may need surgical treatment.
Symptoms of fibroid s

The main symptom is the appearance of a small build-up, which can be soft or quite hard to the touch. It can cause itching, or be very sensitive to the touch, with the time fibroid s can change color. Because fibroid s are usually convex, constant contact with them tissue or frequent shaving can cause them irritation or bleeding.

The plantar fibroid may eventually increase. Typically, it causes pain when a person stands or walks. In some patients, after a while the new fibroid s may appear on the feet.

If the violation is very important to remember that complications of surgery may be worse than the symptoms of plantar fibroid itself. However, if you find it difficult to walk and / or fibroid s continues to increase, surgical intervention is necessary.

Causes and Risk Factors

Scientists can not say exactly why starts to develop fibroids. Some experts believe that this occurs after minor trauma. Perhaps this is due to violation of certain drugs, including beta-blockers, which can modify the fibrous tissue.

The likelihood of developing fibroids increases, if your family history fibroid, and if you think of the representatives of the Nordic peoples.


Since dermato fibroid s are harmless, they do not want to be treated with fibroid miracle, except when they have a negative impact on the exterior of the patient. If Dermato fibroid is damaged, for example, while shaving, it is used treatment of liquid nitrogen, and in some cases, the fibroid s removed surgically.

For the treatment of plantar fibroid is primarily non-invasive methods are available:

Krioanalgeziya - a procedure in which the fibroid s affect low temperature and its size decreases.
The use of orthotic devices to relieve the discomfort when walking.
If that fails, use other methods:

Injection of corticosteroids in the fiber.
Surgical removal of the entire plantar fascia, along with the fibroid (deficiencies is the procedure: a long recovery period and greater likelihood of other problems associated with the feet).

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