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Thursday, 19 July 2012

Xtreme Fat Loss Diet Review - Strict diet

Strict diet - Most of all the known low-calorie diets. The value of energy intake in the body is about 500 kcal per day, and it allows, in the author's personal experience, losing weight at a rate of about 200 grams of fat a day, that is to lose fat as quickly as in full fasting. At the same rigid diet has all the above discussed advantages over complete starvation.

Thus, the strict diet can be considered the most effective way to lose weight, since it gives almost the maximum possible rate of fat loss and will not cause the harm that occurs during starvation.

Organize a strict diet can be in many ways, and everyone can develop for himself the most suitable option. It is best if the patient is included in the diet of a relatively large amount of greenery and low-calorie vegetables, and a small amount of high-calorie food that contains proteins, polyunsaturated fatty acids and carbohydrates in roughly equal proportions.

I want to lose weight as quickly as possible may be tempted to feasibly reduce caloric intake, for example, up to 200-300 calories. But do not be! Indeed, in this case, a person at risk to cross the line to a partial starvation diet. And it is very undesirable, as spending threatens to tissue proteins. However, you can sometimes (once in 7-10 days) to "fasting days" (food alone vegetables) or a full day of fasting.

The reader may rightly ask: if a restricted diet so good, why does it apply broadly? Yes, it is not used, because it is very painful, and full of starvation treat obesity more often. However, this writer has repeatedly conducted experiments on himself - and the strict diet, and complete starvation - and found that his body is starvation more painful than a rigid diet. So the rumors of a strong extremely onerous strict diets are somewhat exaggerated. Who knows, maybe you have a restricted diet will go bad? But it is first necessary to try on a more traditional diet, with calories 1700 kcal, then - 1300 kcal, and gradually reduced to 500.

Finally, once you've reached your desired weight (does not matter which method), in any case did not proceed rapidly to the old eating habits! Otherwise, you risk a rapid return the weight that you threw so hard. For details Xtreme Fat Loss Diet Review,

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