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Thursday, 19 July 2012

Fat Loss Factor Scam - The quickest let get rid of fat

That during the day, our bodies compensate for all the funny and just follow this strategy: "All are talking about the results of research, so this is what you will burn more fat by doing so, and I agree 100%. But while there is a general reduction in weight, it does not matter what you burn is important, only 24-hour calorie balance. If you burn glucose during exercise, it will burn more fat at other times of the day. If during exercise you burn fat, burn more glucose then. end result is the same. If it were not so, then these athletes like sprinters who never burn fat during training, would not be lean. They burn so many calories that maintain balance and gaining fat. So, while morning cardio and bring some psychological benefit bodybuilders who like this program, I will not say it any way affect the general reduction of fat. "

Fat Loss Factor Program Review: If we talk about getting rid of fat, then hardly anyone more experienced in this matter than Chris acetyl. High-level bodybuilders and nutritionists, who advised many leading professionals in bodybuilding. Acetone is a firm believer in morning cardio. He did not hesitate, says: "The quickest let get rid of fat - this morning cardio on an empty stomach."

He believes that looking at the receipt and expenditure of calories only in terms of power is "limited." Success depends on several factors, not only on the energy balance. We return to the eternal question of whether all calories created equal? "Absolutely not! - Says acetyl. - Calorie - is not just a calorie. Any physiologist cringe when he hears this."

"All these people are talking only about the receipt and expenditure of calories - continues Chris. - According to their statements, if I do not eat anything but candy and Coca-Cola and eat 100 calories less than I need to maintain a normal weight, I immediately lose weight. We know that this is not so simple. Do not forget about the ratio of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Then there is the frequency of meals: from multiple data we know that shall find more muscle mass at 5-6 meals per day than three. It's not just calories, there are other factors. "

There are still reasons why you should include cardio in the morning your schedule. Landry, despite his doubts about the importance of a source of fuel, said: "If I were asked to name the most important factor for the successful discharge of fat, I would choose the morning workout."
Here are some arguments in their favor:

They will give you a great feel for the whole day, through the provision of the mood enhancing endorphins.
They will nourish you with energy and cheer.
They can help regulate your appetite throughout the day.
Your body clock adjusted to the morning workout, and it will be easier to wake up in the morning.

Morning workouts will be more successful than those when you are tired of working day, and friends lure you to a drink.
You can always find time to practice putting the alarm a bit earlier.
The morning workout will raise your metabolism for the day.
Of all these benefits, the most often discussed recently. Scientists call this phenomenon additional oxygen consumption.

Tracking only the number and type of calories burned during a workout, do not give you the full picture. Should be taken into account and those calories that your increased metabolism will continue to burn after it. Yes, exactly. Practice in the morning, and you will burn calories all day long. Imagine that you sit at work and burn fat! This is good, but the bad news is that the additional poslenagruzochnoe oxygen consumption is not so great as many think.

It's a myth that your metabolism stays elevated 24 hours after the workout. This occurs only after prolonged or super intensive loads, such as a marathon.

After training with low intensity value of additional oxygen consumption is so low that its impact on fat loss and not talking. You burn around 9-30 extra calories after exercise with the intensity level of 60-65% of maximum heart rate. In other words, the usual jog on the treadmill will do almost nothing to increase your metabolism.

Additional oxygen consumption, however, increases with the intensity and duration of exercise. According Vilmoru and Kostillu their Physiology of Sport and Exercise,  additional oxygen consumption after moderate loads (75-80%) increases by about 0.25 calories per minute or 15 calories per hour. This will lead to additional expenditure of 75 calories. It seems a small figure, but if we calculate the year (in theory) you lose the extra 2.5 kg of fat only at the expense of calories burned after your workout.

The best results can achieve high-intensity interval training. You alternate periods of high (85% of the maximum and higher) intensity with short periods of low. Studies of high-intensity interval training, showed a much higher additional  oxygen consumption, which can significantly increase daily energy expenditure. In one study, researchers at the University of Alabama have observed the effect of two training programs on daily energy expenditure. The first group worked on the stationary bike for 60 minutes of medium intensity, the other trained on the program of high-intensity interval training: two minutes of high intensity work on the bike, and two minutes of low intensity. The second group burned more calories in 24 hours than the first. All this may result in a loss of an additional 5 pounds of fat a year, on condition that they would do instead of the usual high-intensity interval training workouts five days a week.

Paradoxically, working with weights is much more additional oxygen consumption than conventional aerobics. Studies show that the metabolic rate remains elevated for 4-7% within 24 hours after training. Yes, this means that the body building burn fat through several indirect mechanisms. For someone who spends 2,500 calories a day, it will be expressed in burning more calories 100-175 after the workout. The lesson is simple: everyone who wants to lose weight and have not engaged in bodybuilding, must first go to weight training. Then and only then, you can start thinking about the morning cardio!

All interested in impact aerobics, especially high-intensity, in terms of risk of losing muscle. After overnight fasting levels of glycogen, glucose and insulin levels are low. As you might guess, this is the optimum environment for burning fat. Unfortunately, these same conditions are optimal for burning muscle because carbohydrate is small, and the levels of the catabolic hormone cortisol are high. It would seem that morning cardio - a double-edged sword, but to avoid loss of muscle tissue as possible.

All aerobic exercise to some extent affect the muscles, but if you do not overdo it, the fear of loss of muscle tissue is not necessary. It is true that your body during an aerobic workout splits muscle proteins for energy, but it destroys and restores muscle fibers constantly throughout the body. This process is called a circuit of proteins, and it is necessary for normal functioning. Your goal - to increase its anabolic component and reduce the catabolic just enough to stay in an anabolic state, that is to type (or at least maintain) muscle mass.

How to build muscle than to lose? The first - to avoid excesses in the cardio. Acetone proposes to limit the morning session on an empty stomach 30 minutes, then "the least likely that amino acids are used as fuel." He also mentions that "a strong cup of coffee helps burn more fat than glycogen. And if you can spare glycogen, protein, and then save it." You can also experiment with a mixture of thermogenic ephedrine, caffeine and aspirin or similar medicines based on herbs.

The next item - give your body the right Nutritional support. Errors in diet are more likely than strictly aerobic, are the cause of loss of muscle mass. To maintain muscle, eat well all day, which includes an adequate frequency of meals, amount of carbohydrates, proteins, and proteins, as well as the total calorie. And third - train with heavy weights, even in the phase of getting rid of fat. Erroneous to think that the small weight and high reps will help you become lean. What contributed to building muscle will help preserve them.Shocking prospect of losing you is so hard-earned muscle, but you still want to benefit from the morning fat burning cardio ? One option resorted to many bodybuilders - it's food or protein shake for 30-60 minutes before the morning workout. The protein without the carbs will minimize the insulin response, and help mobilize fat while providing amino acids the body, preventing the disintegration of muscle fibers.

It is obvious that morning cardio has a number of indisputable advantages, which led many to get up a little earlier in the morning. But let's try to summarize. Is it morning workout contribute a great loss of fat than held at a different time of day? Experience, common sense and experimental results allow us to say that, yes. However, the debate continues, and further research is needed. At that time, as scientists in their laboratories engaged in gas exchange measurements, costs and levels of basic calorie utilization, I intend to continue to get up at six in the morning to get on the cardio-training equipment.

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