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Friday, 20 July 2012

Joey Atlas Scam Legends and tales of cellulite

Hello, girls!, 
Came across a very interesting article about cellulite. I think that you are interested. That's the article itself. Cellulite is undoubtedly the most common cosmetic problem. With her ​​faced by women - representatives of different nations at any age, regardless of income level. A variety of tools and techniques aimed at solving aesthetic problems associated with cellulite. It is now defined as estrogen-age structural pathology of subcutaneous fat, which is manifested homeostasis, venous stasis and fibrosis of certain areas. Despite the fact that this problem is certainly the aesthetic and does not fall under the definition of "disease" under certain conditions a pronounced cellulite leads to discomfort and impaired quality of life, and sometimes even accompanied by a breach of health. Psychological significance of the defect can be extremely high and often results in women of a certain psychological type of depression, nervous breakdowns, and BDD. In addition, there are concomitant somatic pathology: lipodystrophy and varicose veins are almost always form a vicious circle. Varicose veins in the stage of decompensation and, moreover, exacerbates the severity of trophic changes in the appearance of cellulite. Cellulite is a 3-stage 4, in turn, may cause difficulties in venous drainage of the lower limbs, and promote the development of varicose veins. It is believed that fibrosis and microcirculatory disorder in the estrogen-dependent areas of subcutaneous adipose tissue (abdomen, thighs, buttocks) lead to disturbances in the processes of metabolism and hormonal feedback mechanism contribute to ovarian dysfunction. According to histological classification of cellulite principle distinguish the following stages:

• Stage 0 - normal adipose tissue;
• Stage 1 - lymphostasis subcutaneous fat, are often more pronounced in the follicular phase of the menstrual cycle;
• Stage 2 - chronic lymphostasis, venous stasis of subcutaneous fat, impairment of microcirculation; • the herd - chronic lymphostasis, venous stasis, deterioration of the microcirculation. Local fibrosis of subcutaneous fat;
•  Stage 3- lymphostasis chronic, venous stasis, deterioration of the microcirculation, distributed fibrosis;
 • Stage 4 - Chronic lymphostasis, venous stasis, deterioration of the microcirculation, distributed fibrosis, local hardening. In rare cases, the unit formed by calcification. At stages 0 and 1 massage is used to prevent the development of cellulite. At stages 2 and FOR massage - a treatment for cellulite and prevent its further development. In the ST and 4 stages of massage is a technique that can reduce the severity of the existing appearance of cellulite and help during concomitant aesthetic and somatic pathology. Despite the fact that the problem of cellulite are interested in public recently, in modern cosmetic folklore she confidently takes center stage and shrouded in a veil of mysticism and secrets. The people who created these stories are women, without distinction of race and ethnicity. Fear, as reflected in these myths - of course, the classic fear of old age and death. Stucco covering the hips like a woman of the impermanence of existence, of past years, represents the loss of youth and beauty. Anyway, so say the glossy magazines, and which may be reason not to believe them more info about cellulite Joey Atlas Scam?
truth about cellulite
Great Dream of legends - not less than the classical vision of the Holy Grail, the source of eternal youth and beauty, The Makropulos Affair. In our case - is a kind of remedy that in a few days not only eliminates the martyr of cellulite, but also to lose weight, without any discomfort, complications and effort. Standard begining Legends is not too different from the familiar to us, "In a certain kingdom, in a state of ..." or «Once upon a day ...», the familiar English-speaking friends. So - "A friend of mine once tried to ..." 1. Magic pill. This is the traditional myth of the magic potion. Almost all women, regardless of educational level, social status and country of residence, admit the idea that there is a magic pill Cellulite. Over the past fifteen years as a magic pill to appear:

Cleaning products and "Tea for weight loss." I think many readers will remember the boom in popularity of tea "Flying Swallow", designed for weight loss and cellulite treatment. As part of this tea, the results of an independent review conducted in 1997 found nearly 94% of the crushed leaves of senna, and a number of plant dust and dust of unknown origin. The effect of the drug was reduced to a marked laxative effect, in which food is digested incompletely adopted, there is a loss of fluid and some loss of body weight, which is characteristic, however, and intestinal infections. Cosmetic effect: reduction of the volume, especially the tendency to edema. The effect of "flat stomach" several times a day. With prolonged use, may reduce the weight and sharpen facial features.

Complications quickly arise dry skin, there may be headaches and dizziness. Abdominal pain, flatulence. Desocialization. Hypovitaminosis. Dangerous complications: conduction disorders and cardiac muscle trophism, arrhythmias, acute diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Reduced activity of its own intestinal motility. Diuretics

• tablets. most longstanding means discoverers believe ballet. Popular classical diuretics. The expected effect - weight loss, decrease the volume, the reduction of cellulite. Indeed, the loss of fluid, and all of the above happens pretty quickly. Cosmetic effect: rapid weight loss, lack of heaviness in the legs, the local reduction of the volume in the leg and knee. Complications: dry skin, decreased skin tone the body and face, loss of breast volume, the appearance of small wrinkles around the eyes and around the mouth, dryness and peeling lips. dangerous complications soon appeared cardiac arrhythmia, cardiac arrhythmias, weakness, low blood pressure. With regular use of addictive forms of drug dose, and the dependence of developing chronic renal failure. The outcome can be tragic.

• Cellulite Vitamin Complex. These drugs can be easily found among the food additives and cocktails. Annotations are the same promise miracles - getting rid of cellulite for a month. In the most part you can see the fiber, B vitamins, some minerals, sometimes you can find lecithin and plant extracts. cosmetic effect , provided the minimum efficiency - improving the quality of the skin, a slight decrease in appetite. At an impressionable young girls may be a laxative, a diuretic effect, increasing efficiency, endurance and total lack of appetite. These effects are highly correlated with price and quality of packaging, as well as with the power of charisma seller. Complications: Is that an allergic reaction. Dangerous complications were observed.

• Thai tablets. Strictly speaking, Thai tablets are sold as a means for weight loss. But buying them and for the treatment of cellulite! In Thailand, most of this success of the local pharmacy did not know, basically, their popularity is limited to post-Soviet space and Eastern Europe and the Russian-speaking communities in America and Germany. This product is sold illegally, he did not pass any licensing and certification. As part of amphetamines and found extracts of some plants that provide both stimulating and sedative effect. Cosmetic effects: euphoric expression on his face, bright eyes, rapid loss of weight and volume. Complications: loss of control, mood swings, lack of appetite, skin tone, loss of hair. Dangerous complications: the development of drug dependence, liver toxicity, kidney, heart, against the use of the death.

• Ksinekal. This product is intended for the treatment of obesity, however, many women equate the problem of excess weight and cellulite problems. Thus, the miracle seeker Ksinekal to have high expectations. drug prevents absorption of about 30% of fat from the total food consumed. Because the fat - this is the component of the caloric intake, then by reducing overall caloric intake is a loss of total weight. In normal calorie diet and a low content of fat in the habitual diet effect is minimal. Cosmetic effect: weight loss in obesity and eating disorders expressed. Complications: desocialization, malabsorption of fat-soluble vitamins, dry skin, decreased skin tone. Dangerous complications: no. Py.Sy - address of the article -, there can be read and comments, really, by the way, interesting. All health!


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