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Thursday, 19 July 2012

Muscle Gaining Secrets How to build muscle?

In bodybuilding, special attention is paid to the issue of training biceps. However, the triceps is shaping up to 70% of the hand, besides all the extensor muscles of the human body is 2-2.5 times stronger than the flexor muscles. Therefore, in the hands of the pump should not work only and not on the biceps, triceps much. For a balanced development of their total load on the triceps should be 2.5 times greater than the load on the biceps of the weighted criteria. To clarify the above statement, let us turn to a simple example.

On the need to perform triceps exercises 3.2 (for example, close grip bench press and / or dips and French press), on the same curls - 2-3 exercises (lifts a dumbbell, barbell for biceps standing / on the bench of Scott and / or pull-ups reverse grip), but with less weight. Usually operating weight in exercises with the shot on the triceps at 1.8-2.2 times higher than in the exercises for biceps. In this case, it is necessary to carry out the triceps in one approach than the biceps. Somewhat more complicated is the case with pull-ups and dips, when an athlete has to overcome only its own weight. As a rule, working to muscle failure, an athlete, able to perform 20 repetitions of push-ups, Pull Ups serves 12-14. In order not to add an extra push approach, they are satisfied with the additional weights in the form of disks or weights that are suspended from athletic to the belt.

The duration of stay in the triceps exercises should not exceed 90-120 seconds, and in the exercises for biceps - 60-90 (except for pull-ups, which also allowed rest period of up to 2 minutes). Exercises for the biceps and triceps can be performed sequentially loading the first one arm and then another, or one by one - Super Series and supersets. Super Series assumed that the exercise is to exercise the triceps should exercise for biceps, triceps and then again on and so on, until the entire Muscle Gaining Secrets Program.

The effectiveness of techniques due to the fact that the muscles respond well to the load only during the first 40-45 minutes of workout, then working at half power because of the impoverishment of energy reserves (mainly glycogen - the main source of energy for the "white" areas of muscle fibers).
Superesety suggest that approaches one exercise mixed with other approaches. That is, implement an approach to the triceps, and immediately break the meringue (or a short break at no more than 30 seconds) performed an exercise for biceps. This technique can significantly reduce training time, but very heavy. Just keep in mind that both methods prevent the so-called Pumping - pumping blood into the trained muscles. Therefore, when training supersets Super Series and the hands do not look as massive as if the train is only one group of muscles. Blood plays a positive role by providing nutrients to the muscles, so the absence of Pumping can also be viewed as a negative phenomenon.

It is believed that the triceps and biceps grow better if their weight at one and the same day, however, the triceps is completely restored in about 72 hours, and biceps - 48. Therefore, there are two opposing methods of training: a system of micro traumas, when the muscles are loaded every workout to a state close to a state of denial. Or, taking into account the full recovery time (3 times swinging biceps, 2 times - triceps) - but before complete failure. Regardless of the chosen method of training the greatest effect is achieved by performing several regular exercises: pull-ups, dips, close grip bench press. All of these exercises involve muscles throughout their length, trigger the production of testosterone - a powerful anabolic. It seems reasonable to include at least one of these exercises every workout.

To pump up your hands do not forget about the brachioradialis muscle. They worked out well in the course of the direct grip pull-ups, well loaded with all exercises super sets. But have a few of their own, isolating movements: flexion / extension of the hands with a barbell, work with carpal expanders. The following diagram the pumping hands seems the most versatile and effective: pulling forward and reverse grip on the biceps (push-ups or bench press close grip triceps) - arm bar reverse grip in the slope of the lift or lower grip on the biceps (the French press standing or lying on the triceps) - raises barbell / dumbbell bench for Scott, lifts a dumbbell "hammer" or supination or concentrated lift weights (arms straightening in the slope, the thrust block on the triceps). Perform one of the suggested exercises in sequence. Once a week to complete muscle training exercises.

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