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Thursday, 19 July 2012

Anabolic cooking Program Review

VEGETABLE COOKING (which has an anabolic effect)
Herbal preparations have generally weak anabolic effect, however, raise working ability, they can to beat a lot of synthetic preparations in the properties. Vegetable anabolic steroids actually do not have toxicity, a well-handed, have very few contraindications. They can be used both independently and with other anabolic means to vzaimopotentsirovaniya their actions. The main feature of the plant of anabolic steroids (RA) is their ability to raise the anabolic activity of their own body systems due to potentiation of insulin, somatotropic hormone and gonadotropic . This is achieved by increasing the synthesis of cAMP , cGMP , etc. mediators , cells, raising the sensitivity to a hormone the body. cAMP , for example, raises the sensitivity of cells to the objectives of endogenous growth hormone and insulin-enhancing effects of the latter. All of RA can be divided arbitrarily into two large groups: pa-adaptageny and RA hypoglycemic action. Ra-adaptogeny called so because in addition to the anabolic actions have the property to raise the stability of the organism to the most various unfavorable factors: the physical action of hypoxia , the toxins radioactive and electromagnetic radiations , etc.

1. RA - adaptogens . 1) Leuzea carthamoides ( Maral Root). plant growing in the Altai Mountains in the Western and Eastern Siberia, in Central steroids, which have marked anabolic activity. Introduction The extraction of Rhaponticum in the body increases belkovo-synthetic processes, promotes the accumulation of fibers in the muscles, liver, heart and kidneys. Physical endurance and intellectual ability to significantly raise labor. In a long statement levzei there - the gradual expansion of the vascular channel and as a consequence, which improves blood circulation. The frequency of warm reductions, which is associated with both a tone that increases the nervous system parasimaticheskoy , and an increase from the face of the heart muscle is slowed down. A distinctive feature of Rhaponticum is the ability to improve the structure of the peripheral blood, increasing the activity of mitotic cells in the bone marrow. In the blood, maintenance of red blood cells , white blood cells, hemoglobin picks up. Increase immunity. Leuzea released in the form of an extract from rhizomes of the spirit with the roots of Rhaponticum 40 ml bottles. Take a once-daily morning dose of 20 recessions to 1 teaspoon. Ecdysterone (Ratibol) . Relationship of steroid appropriated from Rhaponticum carthamoides . It has a pronounced anabolic steroid and toning action. Form: tablets 5 mg. 3 times a day, taken in at 5-10 mg. 2) Pink Rhodiola (golden root). Rhodiola carnation growing in the Altai, Sayan Mountains, Eastern Siberia and the Far East. The pharmacological effects caused by the presence of golden root substances such as rodozin and rodiolizid . In some countries they are released in a pure state. A distinctive feature of the golden root - the most powerful effect upon the relationship to the muscle tissue.

Muscle strength and fatigue increase the power. Activity of fiber contractile actin and increased myosin . Increase the size of mitochondria . form: the spirit of an extract from rhizomes with roots of Rhodiola , pink in bottles of 30 ml. Take a once-daily morning doses of 5 downs to 1 teaspoon. 3) The Manchurian Aralia . distinctive line of Aralia - the ability to cause quite a well-known hypoglycemia (decrease in blood sugar), more than on the size of hypoglycemia caused by Ra-adaptogenami others. As hypoglycaemia in this case it is accompanied by the emission of somatotropic hormone reception Manchurian Aralia is a significant overall anabolic cooking effect with a strong increase in appetite and weight gain. Pharmacological effects of Aralia caused by the presence of a special type glikozidov-aralozidov And, C, etc. Product: cast the spirit from the roots of the Manchurian Aralia in bottles of 50 ml. Take once a day in the morning from 5 to 15 drops. Saparal . The amount of ammonium salts of the base of triterpene glycosides (aralosides) derived from the roots of the Manchurian Aralia . In contrast to the shade of Aralia does not have such a strong hypoglycemic and anabolic effect. Property of training to raise the nervous system is expressed more strongly than in the shade of Aralia . Not bad work raises the total capacity. Product: tablets of 50 mg. Take 1-2 times a day 1-2 tablets. 4) Eleutherococcus prickly. Eleutherococcus contains prickly enhance the synthesis of fiber. The synthesis of carbohydrates also increases. Inhibit the synthesis of fat. Oxidation of the total acid enhances the physical work. The peculiarity of Eleutherococcus is in its ability to improve the color appearance and the liver. Released Siberian ginseng extract in the form of the spirit of the rhizomes with roots in 50 ml. Take downs from 10 to 1 teaspoon once a day that cause a hypoglycemic and anabolic effect. In the anabolic activity of zhen-shen is - about equal to Eleutherococcus , and as Eleutherococcus has the ability to act to potentiate insulin endogenous .

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