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Thursday, 19 July 2012

Diet Solution Program Review How to stick to a diet

Everyone can find at least one acquaintance who once looked at myself in the mirror and was horrified and decided to go on a diet. What mistakes make all the people who, without consulting with a nutritionist and learned all the necessary information, try to lose weight? They simply do not know what food is harmful, what food is useful, what food gives us the necessary nutrients, etc. etc. Therefore, some open fridge and not finding it a healthy and wholesome food decide that today they discharge day. The next day, hungry, offer the same refrigerator and consume something harmful, but tasty, justifying his actions by saying that it is a sin to throw edu, or what today is the first and last meal. Others find on the internet or in a magazine a new diet, especially if it "promotes" the image of pop diva or have pictures of the "Before and After" and the inscription "With this diet, I took off 15 pounds in the first month," and sit down with the expectation of it. There are also some people who do not give any from any food: oily, sharp, high-calorie, etc., but after every meal, they shoved two fingers in his mouth, and no extra pounds. This article wants to help amateurs understand the question  

"What is the diet?".
If you translate this word into the Russian language, there are two different versions of translation. The first version - it is a translation from the Latin: the diet is the day. Those who believe this is the correct translation, interpreted as a diet eating only in the daytime. But there is a second version, translated from the Greek diet - it is nothing but a way of life. But how to follow a diet that is not self-harm and the damage can cause the body to properly chosen diet? harm to your body can cause irreparable: it may be difficult to treated obesity, and gastritis, ulcers and even stomach. To avoid this you can not, in any case, choose a Diet Solution Program, you should consult a dietitian, who will conduct a survey, and only then find out which diet is right for you and why? Why do I need a survey, ask many of the readers? But then, that every human individual, and if something goes to the benefit of one, it would be extremely harmful for another. So if you are assigned a diet and it gives great results, it is not necessary to call all my girlfriends, and strongly recommend the same diet and they are.

This could end badly. Instead, recommend a dietitian who has made the correct conclusion, and gave you the result. In addition, the doctor will ask what you eat and what mode is observed, if any, it can send you to the delivery of blood tests: blood chemistry, blood tests for hormones, the omega-6 and others, if necessary. No need to ignore the campaigns of the lab, thinking that you have blood all right and the weight just because you typed the wrong food. And always, if something is unclear, ask again with your dietitian.It was only after compiling a complete history and the test results, the doctor may prescribe you a diet. Also, at your request, the doctor can paint on the days that you need to have, and say things that we must strictly refrain.

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