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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

The 31 Day Fat Loss Cure - Loss of muscle or lose fat?

Occasion after occasion will keep coming up in your life from time to time. You can??™t lose weight for one occasion and then gain back all your weight and then start all over again for another occasion.
Moreover you would not be doing any justice to your body by not maintaining a consistent weight. What you need is a fast weight loss program that offers permanent results like 31 Day Fat Loss Cure which is exactly designed for situations such as this.

The biggest advantage is that you don??™t need any expensive gym memberships or punishing dieting regime when following this program.The program is a perfect combination of Caveman type diet & Army Workout which will allow you to shed 10 pounds or more in 31 days.

In this short article, I talked about the empirical finding that a couple of small but frequent meals better than large, but infrequent meals. Now in the athletic community this is, no one disputes, but scientific studies have confirmed that food unevenly resulting in the accumulation of fat, just like hunger, were conducted only in the early '80s. This is due to the work of the protective mechanisms of the body.

Trying to lose fat and lose it fast, many people have taken radically reduce the amount of calories and begin to eat once a day. Studies have shown that cutting calories too much leads to large losses of muscle mass than fat. Receiving controlled even if the number of daily calories per meal results in greater loss of muscle mass and greater fat accumulation than receiving the same amount of calories, divided into three daily doses. The body perceives a great shortage of calories or infrequent taking them as a threat of famine, and millions of years of evolution have taught him to defend accordingly.

One of these defensive reactions under the threat of famine is the development of increased amounts of enzymes that lead to fat deposits. Thus, if reducing the number of calories unnecessarily hard or go for a single meal for 24 hours, the body supplies the energy from fat and skeletal muscle, but trying to keep the fat at the same time, feeling the threat of famine. Needless to say, that the results are not the ones we need ... reduced muscle and fat increases. It is best to lose fat is by combining exercise and a balanced diet, which is cut calories so much that people lose 0.5 - 1 kg of fat per week.

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