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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

The Jump Manual Program Review

The training program according to the method of parachutists free fall of progressive education, a program, is the most popular and effective training program for beginner parachutists. The ultimate goal of the program - the implementation of student self-skydiving-type "wing" with a height of 4000 meters with a delayed opening parachute to 60 seconds!

It would seem an impossible task in the foreseeable future. But, do not jump to conclusions! A total of 9 dives under the program, you reach your dreams!

All eight of the basic course of jumps performed with the educational (student)-type parachute "wing" with a height of 4000 meters.

The effectiveness of the program is achieved in that the air in contact with you, perform a jump, first two, but after a few jumps, one instructor. All possible errors associated with incorrect separation of aircraft, improper position of the body, leading to an unstable drop, fixed directly to the air. This allows the student to understand their errors are not "on his fingers," when parsing a jump on the ground and jump directly to the course. In addition, the instructor monitors the timeliness and accuracy of student activities on the disclosure of a parachute read more Jump Manual .

Actions under the parachutist in the air-filled dome parachute instructor controls, located on the ground. After receiving the student radio station he helped to carry out the landing and perform the correct landing.

Before you start jumping with you individually for eight hours, classroom training is conducted. The content of training is reduced to obtaining the basic knowledge to enable you to safely perform all the actions are directly related to the implementation of skydiving.

The program consists of 10 jumps of which 1 st - a tandem jump (the so-called zero-level programs), and 9 base jumping.

When performing a tandem jump you learn to control the height of the free-fall parachute operations prior to disclosure, and the correctness of the order of operations after opening the parachute, get to know the views from the air and the location of landmarks on the ground landing. Accustomed to act in front of and at the time of landing.

The first three jumps performed a basic course with two instructors. During these jumps you learn the proper separation of aircraft, engage in the correct body position for a stable free-fall height control, accuracy and consistency prior to and at the time of opening the parachute.

The next four jumps are performed in conjunction with one instructor, the first two of which are performed in direct contact, while the next two at a minimum range of student and instructor. During this part of the program, you learn to control his body in free fall, performing complex turns to the right and left, horizontal displacements, as well as flips. Under the direct supervision of an instructor in the air, you get the basic skills to manage their bodies in free fall.

Eighth jump you perform yourself. Monitoring conducted by you on the ground. The task for the jump includes elements of the previous four jumps.

Ninth jump is performed again with the instructor, and is in the development of elements of group acrobatics.

Everybody has completed the program, Flying Club provided the leadership for a coupon certificate for parachute equipment of one of the leading Russian manufacturers of skydiving equipment - the company PARAAVIS!

For more information about the order of the course and content of the exercises can be found in the Collection of parachute training SPP-2010 (program number 4) .

In the future, you run the training program jumps skydivers-sportsmen.

Visit us at the airport, turn on the manifest (the place of registration documents), and fill out an application form.
Pay the membership fee for one year (entry - 1,000 rubles, the annual renewal of -300 rubles).
Pay in full or in part (specified separately) the cost of the course.
Get the assignment to the instructor.
Get started ....
The "Progressive education free fall" - the most secure form of initial training of parachutists.

Security is achieved by a number of factors
All jumps are performed in pairs with one or two instructors. You are constantly under the direct supervision instructor IMMEDIATELY ready to come to your aid in case of a difficult situation.

You individually engaged in just four instructors: teaching theory, work with you in the air, and help to control your radio from the ground.

Our instructors have all the necessary evidence for this type of training, and most importantly a great learning experience novice parachutists.

All jumps are made from specially prepared for the landing parachute aircraft. Technically very well trained, seasoned fuel conditioning, and manned by an experienced crew.

All jumps are performed only on specially designed to train certified parachute system, which has an excellent technical condition and the ongoing six-monthly thorough inspections.

All jumps are done only with the parachute system equipped reserve parachute and an electronic safety device CYPRES - II having the highest class of accuracy.

Laying parachute jumps for your produce ONLY specially trained pavers for the parachutes.

Practical implementation of jumps made only after thorough individual course of theoretical training.

Skydiving done only under favorable weather conditions to ensure good visibility throughout all phases of the jump and the wind allows you to perform a landing with the greatest pleasure.

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